We met the Honey Monster! #FunMonsterfied

On the 24th of January I took the Girls into Birmingham to meet the Honey Monster firstly to give him a cuddle, and secondly to find out more about what has changed. I used to eat Sugar Puffs, I used to also dream about snuggling the Honey Monster.


So this was something I was super excited about. I also wanted to see what was up. New design, new recipe and a new name!



 Honey Monster Puffs now have a reduced overall sugar level, it’s down from 31g to 29g, which might not sound like a lot but in a 30g serving you are now looking at 8.6g of sugar. So Honey Monster Puffs can be enjoyed as part of a healthy and balance diet (yippi).








We have now tasted them, and not surprisingly they were a big hit. The smell of the milk after took me back to being about 11 and rushing to eat my breakfast because I had taken too long doing my hair (again).



If you stop by any of the places listed below you can pick up a super tasty sample and have your photo taken with the Honey Monster too!

1/ 2 Nottingham, 7/2 Oxford, 8/2 Milton Keynes, 14/2 Leicester, 15/2 Peterborough, 21/2 Gloucester, 22/2 Worcester, 28/2 Dudley, 1/3 Birmingham (Star City).

You can find out more by heading over to the Honey Monsters https://www.facebook.com/HoneyMonsterUK & Twitter https://twitter.com/HoneyMonsterUK



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