Cry Babies Magic Tears Unboxing

The last few years have seen a considerable rise in blind bags and unboxing videos. Kids of all ages sit quietly, watching OTHER children open toys. My girls are included in that. So now and then, I pick them up something they’ve seen on YouTube.

I suppose I would compare it to lucky bags when I was younger. Saving up your pocket money, taking ages to choose the one with the most significant protruding bits. Tearing it open, and having a glorious moment emptying the lucky bag on to the table. A lot of joy to be had in those moments.

A recent trend sweeping YouTube is the Cry Babies Magic Tears, blind bottles.

I have to say, when these arrived I had no idea what they were. At all. Ivy and Lily? They knew straight away. A lengthy discussion was had about the colour each would open. And so, the unboxing (or is that unbottling?) began.

Ivy was up first, and in fairness, struggled to open the plastic wrap. So, you might want to be on hand to help with that.

Ivy’s Cry Babies Magic Tears Unboxing

In each bottle, you get a named collectable Cry Baby, a baby bottle, and some small accessories. If you are lucky, you might get a gold accessory.

Ivy’s new little friend is called Flipy and came with a little sailboat, dummy, chair, bowtie and a fish.

Lily’s Cry Babies Magic Tears Unboxing

Lily got super excited when her surprise compartment inside the bottle had a gold dummy in it. She had GiGi.

GiGi had a pink neck bow, a basket, a dummy and a gold dummy – plus a chair.

Final thoughts?

Cry Babies Magic Tears, according to the girls are very cute. The plastic was a bit difficult to peel, but the inside was easy to open. They aren’t priced too badly in comparison to some other toys on the market, and they provide a good level of entertainment. The girls are still playing with them, over a week later and it’s not due to a lack of other toys. You can pick up a pack of three for around £27.99, or a single for approx £9.99.

They work very easily, you fill the bottle with water, pop in the O shaped mouth and fill their little heads up with water. When your child squeezes the face, the small holes in the eyes will leak.

The legs and arms do pop off so I would follow the guidelines on the 3+ on this item.

Overall, they are cute and I wouldn’t mind one on my own desk.


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