Me Time, Tea Time with Roqberry Tea

A couple of weeks ago, a tiny new person arrived.

baby asleep

And, with the arrival of new tiny lives, the departure of having a lot of time to yourself happens. But, who cares right? You’ve been waiting a while to say hey to this new person.

I can live without doing my makeup, I can live without a sturdy underwire bra, I can even live without sleep. I can’t live without hot drinks. I am rarely seen without a tea or a coffee in my hands. Since giving birth, I have been having a lot of stomach problems – just while everything shifts back. So a hot black or green tea really help ease that discomfort. I have never been one for a standard teabag, I love flavoured teas, always without milk. So, when Roqberry asked if I wanted to try some tea – it was a no-brainer.

I think it is the simplicity of a hot drink. If you have had a stressful day or an emotional one. In the UK the phrase “I’ll put the kettle on”, or “Get yourself a cuppa” are both heartwarming and a meaningful act. Tea isn’t just tea. It can be an apology, a sign of affection, an attempt at comforting someone. When we make ourselves tea, it is a small act of self-care.

Cup on the table

Sometimes I need a peppermint herbal infusion tea, because my stomach is in knots, or a spiced infusion chai for that internal hug feeling. Sometimes I want a light citrusy green orange tea, I always find drinking orange tea gives me a little pep in my step.

Tea for me should be brewed slowly, I don’t care much for instructions on most other things, but the difference between a 2 minute dunked teabag and a slow brewed pyramid bag is vast. Taking the time and care to make sure that all of the main flavours and subtle undertones are all released. I care about the tea I drink, in fact I think most people have a preference about it. Roqberry tea is great on flavour, for all that I have tried in the mix box – Orange Root and The Big Smoke are my favourites. It would make a great gift and is priced at £6.

Right now, as I am writing this I smell lightly of baby sick, but my mug is filled with a spiced blueberry rooibos and all is okay.


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