Shit for Keeping Zen – Content Creators and Apps

This year has been so janky. And every single social media platform has been filled up with people being aggressive to each other. And if not to each other just subtweeting people who they disagree with. It's been like a toxic swamp sometimes. There are plenty of uplifting accounts, and it's important to trim the

The Best CBD/Sativa Skincare & Makeup

I have been using CBD/Sativa/Hemp skincare and makeup for some time now. As a person with sensitive skin, it has been hit and miss with many products over the years. However, anything with CBD has never given me a reaction at all. If you aren't sure about the benefits of CBD for skincare, then check

Crucial Applications to Use to Keep Your Freelance Gig Productive

Freelancing is becoming more and more attractive compared to traditional work. The latest Freelancing in America in Upwork found that the number of people who freelance full-time increased from 17 percent in 2014 to 28 percent in 2019. This means that people are starting to see that freelancing is a viable long-term career choice instead of