Miracle 360° Trainer Cup from Munchkin


This is what the cup looks like, I thought at first the water would magically pour from the middle protruding circle somehow never spill and finally get to my Toddler’s mouth. That isn’t how it works (yes, I know, how could I even think it).

Basically, the outer rim, where the silicone (light orange bit) meets the plastic (dark orange bit) has a gap that you can only activate by the normal sucking/drinking motion a Toddler/ or grown up would make. I decided that the miracle cup needed a good test and left it upside down overnight, it has a small dribble but nothing compared to many other cups.

Ivy hadn’t used anything similar to this before. So I wasn’t sure how she would react…



At first, she tried to use it like any other cup, looking for spouts, straws and sippy bits.


Then she tried just pouring it at her face.


That didn’t work so we reassessed our options.


Face pouring once more.


Mum!!!!! Fix it… I can’t work it


So I gave it a spin, showed her how to get some water from the cup


She didn’t want to hold on to it at first, I suppose being unsure of exactly how it worked didn’t help


Then all of a sudden she got the hang of it…

Munchkin-156 Munchkin-155 Munchkin-154 Munchkin-148 Munchkin-146 Munchkin-147

I think it is a really great product, a nice step between spouts/straws/sippy cups and beaker style cups.


The above photo shows the similarity in the jaw movement, grip and motor skills used in normal beaker drinking and the Miracle 360° Trainer Cup from Munchkin.

The Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is around the £4 mark and makes a great addition to our very colourful children’s cutlery cupboard.

We would highly recommend this cup.

We were sent the Miracle 360 Trainer Cup from Munchkin for review consideration, all pictures and thoughts are my own.

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