Lamaze See Me Hear Me Photo Album.

We are huge fans of the Lamaze toy brand. Personally I love their choices of colours, fabrics and designs. The quality is great and all of my girls have loved various toys from Lamaze over the years.

The See Me Hear Me Photo Album in my opinion is brilliant, I have a lot of meetings during the day lately and I always wish I was at home or able to speak to Ivy. This toy is as much for me as it is for her really. I get a sense of satisfaction that when she opens a wing she can hear me say ‘Love you Ivy’. We also decided to record messages from the girls and rather than put photographs in for the associate of voice to photo, the girls wanted to put in a picture from them. So after waiting for photographs to be delivered we didn’t use them in the end anyway!

There are four spaces for photographs or pictures and that also means there are four opportunities to leave a recording for your little one.

The wings are silky and brightly coloured, very flexible and easy for baby hands (and feet) to move. The wings also have a thick rubbery boarder which is great if you have a teething baby who likes to chew things. The body and wings themselves are made of heavy duty plastic and have already take quite a clattering in our household as you can see from his scuffed eyes. The pictures are very easy to place, with a simple turn-lock system for the frames to hold the pictures in place. Ivy has tried a lot to get these off and hasn’t managed. The record button is also something i was concerned about, I didn’t want her to be able to record over our messages. It has a press in and slide mechanism which is too difficult for baby to manage (and me on a few occasions) so your messages are very safe.


Lamaze (2 of 19)Lamaze (5 of 19) Lamaze (6 of 19) Lamaze (7 of 19) Lamaze (8 of 19) Lamaze (9 of 19) Lamaze (10 of 19) Lamaze (11 of 19)Lamaze (16 of 19)Lamaze (17 of 19) Lamaze (19 of 19)
We found this to be a sturdy toy that Ivy has played with more than once and enjoys hearing our voices played (on repeat) when she moves the wings. I would recommend this for babies  6 months and over to get the full use from the toy. You can pick up the Lamaze See Me Hear Me Photo Album on sale at Argos for £14.99 at the moment.


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