#HillarysCrafternoon Making things from awesome fabric.


A bunch of Birmginham(ish) bloggers were invited to go and make crafty things hosted by Joe Blogs, Hillary’s Blinds and The Crafty Hen. We got to choose from a selection of really cool fabrics to make our book covers and little stuff birdies.






The range has something to suit most tastes, I fell in love with one called Bazaar Porcelain and I made my book cover with that. The covers themselves were very easy to make and would make a great craft project for the children in the holidays.

The fabrics were really high quality and fantastic to work with. Each book cover was visually stunning (even if our sewing was incredibad) and we had a great time making them.


On our table I had the pleasure of Georgie from Caramel Latte Kiss,  the hilarious Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids and a super funny Chris (who can’t sew for sh.. toffee) from Hillarys marketing team. We got on really well and in between coffee, blog talk, sharing tips and taking a huge amount of photos we managed to put together something we can keep and reuse.

The fabric is really great quality and so much fun to work with. I am still in love with the design.




Next up we made birds which were much more complicated (for my tiny brain) but really good fun. Also they would make a fabulous craft project! 


You can read more about our day and The Craft Roadshow on their blog.





2 thoughts on “#HillarysCrafternoon Making things from awesome fabric.

  1. It was a fab afternoon. I’m so proud of my little book. Dick the bird, on the other hand….!!!!

    1. Not even joking, I told my Mr about Dickbird as soon I got in. I was laughing so hard about it. I was probably also a little over tired… xx

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