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Dolls, brushes, dresses and all those wonderful sparkly things I loved so much from my childhood are a big hit with my girls, unsurprisingly. I often walk through the toy aisle, looking at the horses, dolls, dress up costumes and see how far everything has come since I was little but also what I wouldn’t give to be my younger self in a toy shop now.

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This is the type of doll I would have loved. Her long, silky blonde hair, her golden, crown and a pink dress would have been right up my street. I love the idea of lights in the hair and I was a bit worried about them being impractical, the girls like to brush the hair on the dolls and Hair Glow Rapunzel comes with a really pretty golden brush too. However, they have just gotten on with it and not really tried to undo the light hair strip or brush it at all.

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The size of the doll is actually brilliant for slightly younger children too. She is incredibly sturdy and I’m happy to say not slim and slender but closer to the shape of my younger girls. Something they pointed out to me was that they like that she has a big smiling face. Which is a lovely thing to have pointed out.

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It’s super easy to get Hair Glow Rapunzel singing, flick the switch at the back and then brush her hair. Simple!

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Would I recommend Hair Glow Rapunzel makes it under the Christmas tree? For Disney Princess fans it is a really great gift, I love that she can sing (and be switched off) I love the light up hair and she is super sturdy so can be played with properly. I really, really enjoy Tangled and thankfully the doll actually looks like who she is supposed to be, in our books that is even cooler. Would this be something the girls would have picked for themselves? Yup, I had to make up a reason not to buy it a day before this one arrived.

You can check out Hair Glow Rapunzel  by following that link.

We were gifted the doll for the purpose of the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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