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With technology being such a prevalent thing in today’s society it’s nice to be able to combine it with the more traditional methods of entertaining and interacting with your children.

I think that the Crayola Colour Alive has done that.

While the girls coloured in their different packs, I downloaded the app.

(click here for the iTunes version Crayola Colour Alive app)

(click here for the android version Crayola Colour Alive app)


Once the page has been coloured in, you use the app to take a scan of ‘The Special Effect’ pen, this is what makes the magic happen.

I put the app on the iPad to start with and we couldn’t get it to work but it worked on my android phone straight away.


You choose 4D from the options you see in the corner and…



The sparkles on the page are a bit from the effect and your creation then stands up on the page! As you can see the colours from the AR Medusa are the same as the colours used on the page, so it is not a case of a few pre-programmed characters appearing on the screen.

This made it much more special for the girls, the felt like their work had come to life.


Once you have scanned your pen and page you can then move your creation anywhere you like!


Here he is having a little rest on the couch.

We loved this product, a lot, the girls are huge Skylanders, Minecraft and gaming fans so getting to combine two things they really enjoy was a brilliant experience for them.


Available Summer 2015 from leading retailers nationwide for RRP £6.99 each pack, Crayola Colour Alive is set to ignite a child’s creativity via an innovative offline and online play experience through color and 4D technology, allowing them to bring their colouring to life.

Themed Mythical Creatures and Enchanted Garden packs containing 16 Colour Alive colouring pages, 6 Colour Alive markers and the addition of a new colour in each set: Pixie Dust or Fire Breath are all you need to get started on an incredible creative journey.

This is a review item as was free of charge.


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