Club Petz Betsy Bunny Review

I actually wanted to call this post Betsy Bunny – An Egg-cellent Easter Gift, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it… Anyway to the matter at hand.

The last two weeks Ivy has been testing out a little treat called Betsy Bunny. From Club Petz, Betsy Bunny is a hopping, squeaking little fluffy companion. She is easy to like, due to her big baby blues. Her big ears move up and down listening out for softer noises calling her over.


Although we love chocolate, and there will be a few eggs in the house over the easter weekend, the last few years we have substituted the quick chocolate fixes for something a little sweeter. Betsy Bunny makes really sweet noises, Ivy was immediately taken with her little hops and super soft fur.

Why We Love Betsy Bunny

  • If you have a little one who likes to shout or be loud, Betsy will make a scared noise. Which really helps kiddos regulate how loud they are playing.
  • Her little hops don’t sound motorised or clunky, the hops are little and cute.
  • The noises she makes aren’t what we expected at all! But Ivy was just delighted with them
  • She is really really soft.
  • Comes with batteries, so no need to faff around trying to get her going


Over the last few weeks, this bunny has gone almost everywhere with Ivy. Often a toy falls off the radar pretty quickly but something about her fluffy butt is keeping this little girls really happy.

Betsy Bunny is available at Agros, Amazon, Smyths and more from £27.99 and up. 

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