Chalk Wall for the Kid's Corner

This one is really great for toddlers. We have one who has just headed off to nursery and is having a great time using all sorts of paints, chalk, water and more. I wanted to make the ‘kids corner’ a little more exciting for her when she was at home. So a Chalk Wall seemed like the best idea!

How to do it:

  • Tape off and cover all surfaces
  • Make sure you use the primer as directed
  • Ventilate your area
  • Wear old clothing


We went for a winder that we all like to have a look out of in the morning when the bird come to visit. It’s next to Eldest’s desk and the toy shelves.

First Coat
second coat
Final Coat
The paint went on a few surfaces but wipes off quickly and easily with a little white spirit. I left 12 – 24 hours between each layer as I wanted to limit the amount of fumes in the house. So far they have played with it every day for the last almost month! It’s been the source of funny word, pictures and super scribbles.
All done
For the primer I used: Rustoleum Primer
For the spray Chalkboard I used: Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint in Black

It was a quick and easy project and I am so pleased with the result!


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