Why to Choose a Villa for Your Next Summer Vacation in Mykonos

While searching for accommodation for your holidays in Mykonos, you will notice there is a big range of venues to choose from. You will see the most luxurious villas, one to five star hotels, private rooms and suites and even a camping at Paraga beach for very low budgets.

However, Mykonos Villa is always by far the best accommodation you can rent, for many reasons!


Mykonos has an intense and noisy nightlife. It will be great if you can get a good rest and relaxation away from the crowds and in your own, private space.

Hotels and private rooms can’t always offer the serenity you will need for your resting time. Other guests may come and go any time of day or night, not really paying attention to not disturb others living under the same roof. The best solution to avoid such situations is to rent Villa in Mykonos for your vacations.

Mykonos Luxury Villas can be found in the most serene and remote locations on the island. Even those that are built in more crowded places have all the advantages that a single home with a private garden can offer. You can relax at your own veranda or garden and enjoy the peacefulness of your small paradise.


Privacy is also an important thing for many travellers. Many people prefer not to share their great times of fun and relaxation with strangers.

By renting your private Mykonos Villa you closest neighbors will be far enough so that your privacy is well respected. You and your friends can enjoy your private swimming pool, your private garden, your private dinners or even your private beach in some occasions without anyone watching you.

For even more privacy, you can pick up a villa in a more isolated location. In this case, remember to arrange your transportations either by renting a vehicle or by using a concierge service agency.

Luxurious amenities

A luxury villa is always designed with one aim: to make its guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

In Mykonos Luxury Villas you will find all those unnecessary but pleasant amenities that are meant for celebrities and will make your vacations unforgettable. Bedrooms are equipped with the highest quality mattresses and pillows, bathrooms are designed for kings and indoor and outdoor areas are furnished with top designers’ pieces. 

An experienced staff is eager to serve you and if you wish, private chefs, chauffeurs, trainers or entertainers will be at your service. 

Absolute comfort – spacious areas

Comfort and big indoor and outdoor spaces usually go together and they are things that Mykonos Villas offer generally. You will find many villas for rent with a total indoor area more than 200 or 250 square meters and their private gardens in some cases are bigger than 1 square km.

A villa’s big bedrooms usually have their own bathroom and their own balcony. Communal areas like the dining room, the garden or the living room are designed to accept much more visitors than the number of villa’s beds. The reason for this is that tenants may wish to throw a party and invite guests who stay in other venues. The same applies to the swimming pools – they will always be bigger than you will ever need.

Tailor made vacation

Staying in a villa will offer you much more flexibility than staying in a hotel. For example, hotels serve breakfast or dinner at specific times, which you have to follow if you don’t want to miss it. Having to choose between staying on the beach while having fun and catching up with the hotel’s dinner schedule, would not be very pleasant.

Not having other people living next to you makes it easier for you and your friends to make your own program about swimming, dining, going out or even having a private party. You will not disturb others and they will not disturb you, when you decide to relax!

Mykonos Villa rentals usually offer great concierge and VIP services. Make arrangements with them for your transportations, your private staff, VIP tickets to any club, a luxury yacht rental or anything that you want your vacations to include. 

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