Weekend Breaks: How To Reduce Stress When You Take The Kids

All parents know how stressful short breaks can become when they take their children along. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave them with a babysitter while you go off enjoying yourselves. You just have to find methods of working around the madness and ensuring everyone stays happy. In this article, I’m going to offer some suggestions that could make all the difference. With a bit of luck, you can use this advice to ensure you don’t lose your head when spending a few nights away with your kids. Of course, there is always something that could go wrong. So, you need to make sure you’re relaxed and calm before you leave home.

Double check all your travel plans

The last thing you want is to turn up at your hotel to discover they can’t find your booking. It sounds unlikely, but the staff at Dorsett Hotels in Shepherds Bush claim it happens all the time. They say at least one customer arrives every week asking for an emergency room because they were double booked elsewhere. With that in mind, you just need to call your hotel a day in advance and make sure they have all your details. If nothing else, it will take the worry off your mind. Also, you don’t have to stress about finding somewhere new when you arrive at your location.

Organise activities that children enjoy

Lots of parents make the mistake of failing to consider their child when planning pursuits. That is the worst thing you can do if you want to have a peaceful experience. Sure, you might love museums and art galleries. If you do, The Independent and other newspapers offer excellent advice. However, your son or daughter could find them annoying and a waste of time. So, you need to plan activities that everyone will enjoy. Long hikes are always favourable because they give you a chance to spend quality time together. Sightseeing is also an excellent idea because it’s free in most instances. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your kids entertained.


Make sure you book tables at child-friendly restaurants

Nobody wants to turn up to a restaurant booking and discover the establishment doesn’t cater for children. However, that could happen if you’re visiting somewhere like London or another major city. Obviously, it’s not an issue for anyone spending a weekend in the great outdoors. So, you just need to take a look at their website in advance. You could even give them a quick call and ask before you place your booking. If the restaurant doesn’t offer a children’s menu, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Thankfully, a Google search for something like “child-friendly restaurants near me” should give you all the info.

Whatever happens during your weekend away, I hope you have a fantastic time with your children. At the end of the day, their childhood isn’t going to last forever. Before you know it they will have grown into young adults and left for university. That is why it’s vital you make the most of your time together while they still rely on your support. Take your camera, have interesting conversations, and make memories you’ll never forget.




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