Nearly birth time!

Well, I can’t believe it is coming around already. Just a few short and sweet weeks and we will have an extra addition. Not only that but we are moving house too!

 I keep running the birth of Eldest around in my head. It was so short, so fast. It was – now I think about – a person exploding out of another person and shooting to the end of the bed.

I keep running the birth of Mojo round in my head. It was long, more than 24 hours, it was awkward – she was back to back, it was worrisome – her heart stopped, the waters were very yellow. It was – now I think about it – calm and lovely regardless of the problems that were going on.

I’m looking forward to moving house, besides the initial stress of moving life from one box into another box, it’s something we have talked about for a long time. Finally moving to a house.

We are moving to the three-bed-semi, with front and back garden. It has a vegetable patch. Oh yes.

I haven’t seen the inside yet, so I having those day dreams of walking around the new house with the new baby. Showing new baby the new tree in the new garden that belongs to the new house – and all of it belongs to us.

That is a lot of new that is coming in with our New Year.

Going back to baby No.3. I know I will be in hospital this time. There is no way around this other than taking risks that I’m not willing to take. Words have been thrown around, c-section, drips, inductions… I am okay with those words. It takes a while I think, for what is to come to really sink in.

I keep having the fleeting thoughts about the baby being too big (in their eyes), we get induced, distress all over the place and POW! c-section.

I keep having the fleeting thoughts that I can do it, y’know I’ve done it twice I’m a pro now… Right?

I keep remembering – I have no say in what my body and this tiny person eventually decide to do, all I can do is keep relaxed (surprisingly I can do that) and wiggle those hips!

So here it is, we are rolling into our final weeks as four . We will be coming out the other side (if all goes well) as a five.

Hip Hip Hooray – Number 3.


Jan 14th – Feb 18th (37 – 42 weeks)

If you’re in your final weeks, how are you feeling?


One thought on “Nearly birth time!

  1. I do hope it all goes well, you’ve experienced the good and the bad so you’re at least prepared for this one! It’s so funny how we try and do all the right things and then the babies just come however they want to. My first was back to back and the labour was well over 36 hours, I know it could have been different this time but with twins I didn’t want to take that chance, it was too worrying for me. Good luck for the last few weeks! x

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