Home Birth Essentials List

If you have been keeping up to date, you will know that we have been planning and preparing for a home birth. However, it pays to be ready for a hospital birth too – most of these items (apart from the torches and washing up bowls!) will be ideal for your hospital bag.

Firstly, I would say getting the support of your birth partner and midwives is pretty essential. I have had this from the start. Even when things took a bit of a turn with the consultants, my midwives have always been clear and full of information.

This bag of goodies will arrive either the day before you are 37 weeks or on the day itself. The yellow bag is filled with everything that the midwives need. And, they will bring extra equipment when they attend. I say they because you will have at least two midwives when you deliver. While you’re in labour, you will likely have one. (That said, when I had Lily at home, I had 4/5 at all times).

Something I have been spending a lot of time using is The Positive Birth Company‘s hypnobirthing course. The course cost £35, and I have devoured it really quickly. I would recommend that it becomes part of your birth toolkit – regardless of if you choose to stay at home or not.

You can read a bit more about my experience with that here – Hypnobirthing Course so Far. 

You may be given an individual list from your homebirth midwife team, and that will, of course, have everything you need on it.

Home Birth Essentials List

  • Maternity Pads /  Reusable Maternity Underwear / Disposable Maternity Knickers / Comfortable Full Briefs
  • 5-15 Nappies of whatever brand you like, and baby wipes
  • Playlist (try and put together a few lists here is one of my iTunes ones)
  • Headphones or Bluetooth speaker
  • Washing Up Bowl
  • Torches – We have an RAC Torch and a smaller one too. Just on the off chance the lights or electric go out.
  • Face Spritz – I’ve got Freshen Up, Angela Langford
  • Multiple Towels (if you buy new ones, wash in advance)
  • Plastic Sheet / Shower Curtain (birth can be messy, save your mattress or floor)
  • Faux Tea Lights or Candles placed safely around the room
  • Room Spray – You might like to make your own, I’ve been recommended Liquid Yoga
  • Snacks. Get snacks for you and your midwives – Cakes, hot chocolate, tea bags, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, you get the idea.
  • Camera – prep your birth partner on how to use it
  • Essential oil mix, you might like peppermint, lavender or clary sage – whatever you intend to use, get advice on it first.
  • If you have been taking a hypnobirthing course, make sure your birth partner(s) is prepped with any light touch or positive affirmations
  • I also have a visual copy of my ‘ideal’ birth.

We have already made several changes to the above plan between midwives and me so we can stick to their guidelines and my wishes.


The Freshen Up face spritz has been fantastic in the heat, it says “Rose, geranium & orange blossom are mixed with aloe vera & comfrey to produce a refreshing tonic that keeps skin hydrated, calm & fresh throughout the day” on the website. For me, the reason to use this is two-fold, one to stay refreshed and two, to breath in the rose and orange blossom – which I find calming.

I have a mix of traditional super thick maternity pads and a pair of Modi Bodi Maternity Underwear. For my regular periods, I use a mooncup, but that isn’t going to be possible for a while. And while I would like to use reusable pads, for these few weeks, I want to lighten my overall load. So, regular old pads it is. The disposable underwear is kind of, for all eventualities. We never really know how the birth will go till it’s done.

The washing up bowl was recommended during the house visit to write the birth plan and go over guidelines.

I have a couple of candles and rooms sprays ready to go. I like rose, orange, freesia scents and other light florals, so I’ve been picking those up for a few weeks. Ikea, ALDI, and Yankee are great for little candles and melts.

Because you are at home, you have the luxury of deciding what to wear when you feel up to it, rather than needing to pack anything. It is one of the many perks that make homebirth such a relaxing choice.

*Some items featured have been sent for review purposes.


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