Limburgse Peel Center Parcs Review

For New Year we were heading off to Limburgse Peel Center Parcs, we spent a few days in Enschede and Rotterdam which were lovely. Limburgse Peel Center Parcs was more about extended family being together to celebrate New Year and a 65th Birthday. I thought the cabins were a good size, and I loved the fact they had stairs gates at the top of the stairs. Small things like that really make a holiday more comfortable. We had two cabins booked but spent the most time cooking, talk and drinking in one of them. There was plenty of space outside for the kids to play, and a little bit of hedge gave a bit of privacy.

Like most cabin holidays you have a set of linen but really should take extra towels and maybe a few blankets too. The kitchen was well stocked with utensils and although there is now tradition oven, we managed to get by on the hobs, a slow cooker, and a halogen oven – but then we were cooking for 15 people. If you have fewer people with you than that you likely won’t need to bring all that much with you. We also took a coffee machine and enough fruit to feed a small country.

The shop was about a five-minute walk and in the morning smelled fantastic, brimming with freshly baked bread and pastries. You could easily manage to pick up a good shop for the length of time you were staying. There we plenty of activities and the children’s soft play was free and served a mean cappuccino too!

But is is Pretty?












Yes, it’s gorgeous.

The children went bowling, swimming, for walks, to the play park outside and the soft play inside. There were also animal feeding times, face painting and discos so you can really be very busy if you choose to be. Alternatively, you can stroll around after eating a giant freshly baked breakfast and enjoy the utter peace and quiet. We really enjoyed our time there and would happily visit again.




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