Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

We go away a few times a year with family, and a few overnight stays here and there. Something we are very conscious of is that properties left alone are very vulnerable. I have heard of friends who posted they were going away on social media and have come home to a burgled house and missing items with sentimental value.

It’s traumatic, and can leave you feeling very violated.

So here are my quick tips for keeping your home safe while you travel:

  • Have a family member or friend pop round during each day. You might have plants that need watering, parcels that need collecting and so on. Remember to return the favour though!
  • Leave random lights on, such as, one evening have a livingroom light on, and another evening have a bedroom or bathroom light on. To do this you’ll need a light timer but, this method has been proven to put people off burglarising in the past.
  • If you get on well with your neighbours, let them know you are going away and if they could keep an eye out. Again, return the favour when needed!
  • Don’t post on Social Media. A lot of people will post their exact flight details, the time they will be going with things like ‘Out of here on the next flight! A week in the sun!’ and then check in at the airport. While you might have all the setting right, and privacy is your priority, that doesn’t mean that your friends, friends, cousin is someone you really want to be able to see that. Save it till you are home.
  • Home insurance. Because bad things do happen and if it does, you want to know that you will be covered in the long run. Get some home insurance quotes before you jet off on your next big adventure and make sure you’re ready for anything.




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