Third Birth – The one where I didn’t want to go to hospital.

If you have stuck with me through the pregnancy – most of you lovely people have – you will know that from week nine (yes, the book in) my Midwife had me down for a hospital birth. I had said no, that wasn’t going to be happening as I wanted to birth at home – like last time.

Home is my happy place, I’m relaxed, happy and have the people I love around me. One might say – the perfect birthplace.

Anyway, as we progressed on we were tested for Gestational Diabetes, I failed. Boohoo. From then on I was told that I wouldn’t even be able to labour at home. That I would be started off on week 37, that I could have the most natural birth possible, free to move around, use a pool and generally be relaxed just needed a little help in the cervix area.

We got to week 37 and I was told ‘See you at week 40 for your induction, the one with the pessary, waters breaking at 1cm and a drip. BYE.’

I cross referenced that with another Midwife and was informed that the person who told me ‘most natural birth possible’ was wrong.

My induction was booked – I was horrified. This birth was everything I had never wanted in a birthing experience. I’m not hospital-phobic, I’m not anti-NHS or anything like that, I just wanted to give birth in my own way.

I believe that being calm, relaxed and very importantly comfortable will give way to a more relaxed and enjoyable birthing experience.I also believe that if you get told enough that your baby will more than likely need help at birth you listen and believe it.

So the day of the dreaded drip arrived! I wanted to share it with you all on twitter. So I did. I skipped out the 30 minutes or so between waters being tampered with and her arrival. Typing during this time seemed inappropriate somehow.





Then suddenly! We had a sweep as we had hit 3cms – with no huge effort really, just a lot of waiting around.


Hit delivery room. Pain ramping up.
— Momma Mojo (Zara) (@MommaMojoBlog) February 4, 2014

I slipped into my very sexy nightie. Midwife broke my waters at 4.35pm. I hopped off the bed, swayed through the ouchy, breathed deeply on the gas & air. Hopped back on the bed, I didn’t help with the pushing until the end, y’know the *POP*.

And my introduction of Tiny –


I couldn’t believe the speed. It was so fast. There were no gaps between my final three contractions, my body had gone into autopilot and did everything with ease.

The speed of it all did have a few issues in the following days, my inner bum hurt – which was a new trauma to me, the bottom of my back felt weaker than previously and the top of my thighs had apparently also taken some offense to the speedy delivery.


— Momma Mojo (Zara) (@MommaMojoBlog) February 4, 2014

I didn’t want to be in the hospital, but as any mother will tell you-you do what is needed to ensure a safe and happy baby. After the birth, many Midwives commented on how it COULD have been done at home, how quick and lovely our delivery had been. In some way it was too quick for me, going from what were minor ‘ouchy’ twingey contractions still fully dressed, joking around and 3cms to getting a VERY deep sweep, walking down a corridor (20 steps at most), getting changed (barely) and having waters broke (surprisingly uncomfortable) then her arriving in a matter of contractions was a shock.
Membrane rupture duration: 00.30
 After the lights went down on the ward it took a while to process. I had gotten an almost fuss-free, natural birth, she didn’t need the ressus I was told about, she wasn’t stillborn like was told to me many times, she didn’t crash, she didn’t get stuck and she was a normal weight.
Me and Tiny had done what we were told we wouldn’t do – be drip free and healthy.
I feel like the Midwives in the hospital really listened to what I wanted and tried to accommodate it as much as possible. I had a ball to get things going after the tablet, I had the mobile monitor to walk around in the delivery room should I have felt like it (or had time). Afterward, I got over an hour of skin to skin and feeding while having a cup of tea, I took a hot shower and this is us minutes before we walked down to the floor below and settled into the Maternity Ward.
Although it was not the birth I had pictured so many weeks ago, it was a more beautiful experience than I had ever expected.




3 thoughts on “Third Birth – The one where I didn’t want to go to hospital.

  1. Hi there, just found your blog through Netmums blog of the week! Your birth story sounds fab; mine was horrific. Induced as well and it was just awful. Ended up with forcep delivery, baby was fine, but I am still suffering the after effects 12 months later!

    Looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and catching up on your blog! And by the way your new baby is beautiful! x

    1. Oh no 🙁 The memories really do stay with you for a very long time! I have been lucky with all of mine thankfully. I hope you enjoy my blog! If you happen to be on twitter stop by and give me a *wave* 🙂 x

    2. I shall indeed give you a ‘wave’ on the old twitter! However, it’s blocked at work, miserable lot that they are haha! And yes I have very much enjoyed reading your blog and catching up x

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