Hypnobirthing Course – Experience so Far

I have, and will always be a more barefoot hippy than high heeled corporate (although I do both equally well – obvs). It’s just what I like though. I like to collect crystals, I have some interesting curios around the house too. My wardrobe says more ‘wilding from the woods’ than ‘slick and sleek’ so I don’t suppose it is really ever a stretch of the imagination to be into alternative options.

Though I appreciate the NHS fully, and the fantastic care myself, and my family have received in the past. I don’t think I am alone in believing that not everything needs drugs.

The two can work in unity. I suppose, a type of synergy.

Having had three different birth experiences, one of those being at home. It was time to try something else out. Home and Hypnobirth just seem to go hand in hand.

You’re hard pushed to find someone out there that hasn’t tried one form or other of controlled breathing. For anxiety, yoga, stress reduction, and if you have ever been in an accident – to help ward off shock.

Hypno Birth Course - Experience so Far
Ivy, milk drunk in 2014

In the case of birth, you are using it in a few ways:

  • To ensure your muscles have enough oxygen
  • It focusses your mind on something that is calming
  • Breathe out your contractions (surges), meaning that by the time you have done your prescribed 4/8 x 4 you will have breathed through the peak of the surge (more on this later).
  • When you are in a calm state, your body does its job just that little bit better.

Why Hypnobirth and Which Course?

The hypnobirthing course I chose is The Positive Birth Company. Why? Well, to be honest with you – I was watching Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise.

Louise is plus-sized and had a home birth – finding role models for that can be a little tricky. As I knew this was the road I wanted to skip down, I was interested. I took some time before I purchased the course. Reading feedback, looking for other users.

I believe that we (general population ‘we’) are very quick to follow any course of medicated action we are presented with, usually because we aren’t equipped with more information. Questioning someone, who is by all accounts, more learned in medicine than you, isn’t typically our first thought. It is more likely we would think – Doc knows best. Or in the case of birth, the consultant or midwife.

If you have read anything about this pregnancy or my last one, you will know that I do not particularly like any of the consultants I have ever seen while pregnant.

The midwives, however, I love them.

Sometimes, you need to ask the question – is this actually what is best for me? Mentally, physically, emotionally? What if I say ‘no’?

This time, simply because of my previous experience I knew I wanted to be at home, I knew I wanted more control. 

Before my driving test, I listened to a specific hypnosis track, every night as I drifted off. On the morning of my practical test, everything clicked. It went as I had been envisioning it. I passed the first time.

Coincidence? Well, I don’t believe in them. I know I had enough lessons and practical knowledge, and that the calming voice I listened to nightly replaced any doubt and negative thoughts. Synergy.

Experience so far?

I was already open to the positive impact of hypnobirthing, so most of the time, faith in something helps. The placebo effect anyone?

As you roll into the last few weeks of pregnancy, you’re likely to experience Braxton Hicks (a lot) – which provide the perfect platform for perfecting up breathing. There are two types of breathing in this course. Up breathing and down breathing. One for your early surges, and one for the later ‘pushing’ phase.

The language around birth isn’t the most positive – pain // intervention // ‘allowed’ // tears // contractions

So changing the language during the course is helpful for a lot of people, contractions are changed to ‘surges,’ for me I think of them as waves – it’s just more positive for me.

The videos are easy to watch and super simple for people to digest. First-time mothers and veterans will find the MP3s relaxing because, in the end, you are looking for the calmest and most stress-free birth possible.

It is important to note that, hypnobirth techniques can work for you no matter what type of labour and birth is best for you and your baby. The breathing can keep you calm for cesarean sections and pool birth alike. The overriding message is a positive birth experience, no matter how it goes. Because you are empowered to ask questions, you are informed on the basics (and a bit more) and even your birth partner has their part to play.

There are a few other things of note, that I can’t wait to put to work in a few weeks time – but I think that if you are considering hypnobirthing, then just go for it. It has made an impact for me already and I am really looking forward to labour and birth.








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