A Honeymoon with a Difference

Getting married can be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives – maybe bar extending their family with children! There are months and sometimes years of planning that can go into a wedding – from the cake to the church, to the guest list, every detail is important and will be unique to each couple. But once the big day is over, what about the honeymoon? Everyone knows the traditional honeymoon imagery of a couple on white sands and turquoise seas – but what if this isn’t your style or you want a change from a previous holiday you might have done before? Well, many couples may not have considered it, but a campervan holiday can really be a refreshing change of scenery and an exciting way of taking a honeymoon, without it being the no-showering, eating-out-of-tins-of-beans scenario you may be imagining! Intrigued? Read on…

Location, Location, Location
Honeymooning in a campervan comes with a range of benefits that you may not have considered before or that might inspire you to take a holiday with a difference this year. Firstly, every couple is unique and tailoring your trip to yourselves can be the perfect way to start married life could be the perfect romantic trip to take with your other half. You could plan your trip around all your favourite places in your home country, and spend half the time visiting your partner’s childhood holiday haunts (or maybe somewhere they’ve always wanted to go), and then spend the other half of the trip visiting your favourite locations! The beauty of a campervan is that you can choose wherever you want to go and be spontaneous – if you change your mind halfway through the trip, no problem! You could even plan the trip for your other half and plan out all their favourite spots, keeping them in the dark until you get to the next place. What could be more romantic than planning a trip around your new favourite person and really making it unique to them?

Honeymooning without going abroad can also be a great way to stay near home when you need to be. If you don’t like travelling abroad, have family you’d prefer to stay close to, or have a business you want to keep an eye on, campervan holidays can be the perfect holiday near home whilst allowing you to keep tabs on things happening at home. Sometimes it’s not ideal, but everyone’s life is unique and these things are unavoidable!

Deck Out Your Van
Campervans have really seen a resurgence in popularity in the last few years and campervanning is quickly becoming the chic new way to travel in style. Retro-style VW campervans are a cute way to travel and can be a picture-perfect way to go. You could get your friends to decorate your van for your honeymoon so you can ride off in style and plant a few surprises to find along the way. They can string up polaroid’s of some of your favourite times together, include a basket of all your favourite treat, and even hang up a “Just Married” sign in the window!

Campervanning doesn’t have to mean you can’t be cosy and make the space your own either. Take plenty of soft furnishings such as soft blankets, a warm duvet and pillows, and cushions to make the space warm and inviting. Spend a little bit extra on things like privacy glass to keep the space isolated from the outside world and your campsite. Awnings and lawn chairs and tables can be a great way to extend the space you do have and will give you a place to have romantic dinners outside in the sunset and a place to breathe and read your book. Also, if you have a favourite furry friend at home, the beauty of campervanning in your own country is that you can bring them with you and they never have to get left behind!

UK Hotspots
Need inspiration on where to go? Look no further. The UK is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and we have some amazing hidden gems right on our doorstep! When it comes to holiday time, most people will try to spend their holiday in the best possible weather, which mostly involves leaving the country in search of some sun! Unfortunately, however, this can also mean that some of the best places in the UK can be missed as a result, despite being on our doorstep. Some of the best and most popular locations include The Lake District, The Peak District, Wales, Devon and Cornwall, and the Scottish Highlands. All of these locations will be busy at different periods throughout the year, but they all offer their own unique benefits and some breath-taking scenery that isn’t to be missed. They are also good in the fact they cover areas large enough that you will never encounter crowds of people, whatever you end up doing!

Whether or not you decide to campervan for your honeymoon, you may hopefully be inspired to take up a campervan holiday soon instead. It’s a unique experience that you cannot afford to miss, whether as a couple or travelling with friends!



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