Where did all my hair go?

I think, if I am honest three kids has really taken its toll on my hair. I used to have really thick flowing locks, 3 kids and 10 years later it is a shadow of its former self. Over the years I have opted for a lot of deep conditioning treatments, sprays, oils and lotions. I have noticed a huge improvement but does that mean my hair is better? Not really.

I do have pink hair now though. When you bleach or dye your hair you have to take even better care of it. A lot of time between sessions, a lot of deep conditioning.

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I think stress has had a huge impact too. Over the last few years, moving houses, illness, family issues… The list goes on. I react really badly to stress, my hair falls our, I get ulcers and spots!

So, Where did all my hair go?

  • Hair falls out post pregnancy
  • Stress from hair falling out
  • Stress causes more hair fall out
  • Cheers self up with new hair colour
  • Hair looks fabulous
  • Feel fabulous
  • See improvement
  • Stress
  • Hair falls out

Raise repeat. Ideally I would like a solution that would fix my problem completely. There are some great hair loss treatments available on the market now, and I think it is something that I may potentially turn to in the future. I have changed my diet over the last few month, and cut out meat and dairy, this has been amazing for my hair, and skin too. I am also focusing on being less susceptible to stressful situation, all in all my hair has become thicker but I am eventually going to need help in this area.

How do you keep your locks gorgeous?

2 thoughts on “Where did all my hair go?

  1. My hair is so thin and weak i keep my hair short. My hair fell out during me being anorexic and then pregnant twice, It never came back. I have tried those thickening shampoos but they don’t work for me either.

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