Things I Adore About Summer

If I’m honest, the summer has never been my thing. I don’t like the heat or the sun unless I can hear the sea too. Watching the kids play on the beach is pretty delightful though. Last summer we took a few spur of the moment trips, and they will be in my favourite moments forever.

Still, I think there are moments of loveliness in every season, even if you don’t love them all the time.

I love late evenings in the summer when the sun has started to set and the golden hour is in full swing. Sitting with an ice-tea, peach flavoured. The kids smell slightly of sweat and grass from their day playing in the garden. Sitting by my desk, and staring out of the window… but it always makes me wish I had bay windows, with a seated bit, piled high with books.

I guess the downside of summer is that all that gorgeous sunlight is a constant reminder, I need new windows, but you know, it’s hardly the worst way to be reminded, is it?

In 2017 I finally got my drivers license, so summer 2018 was the first year I got to roll down my windows, kids in their car seats and just drive.  On the motorway for the first time, the joy of skipping the motorway and taking all of the country roads. Shouting COWS! Or HORSE! Taking a deep breath as you drive by the fields filled with hay.

The holidays. Pushing open french doors, and putting your bare feet onto the warmed slabs. The morning being balmy already, and planning the day ahead. Packing 972 pairs of pants, but inevitably forgetting your hairbands and brush. But, that’s cool, you were going for boho princess anyway.

The fact you can swap to light, golden glowing make-up. And, you can smell lilacs in the heat of the day, and jasmine at night.

That just for a while in the summertime, you could be anywhere in the world – just for a minute.

(to get you started on some great summer driving tunes)

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