When research meets legacy – My First Forever Friends.

I was very happy to be invited down to London to have a peek at the brand new ‘My First’ Forever Friends range. Having three girls we’ve used all types of bed time aid, all kinds of comfort snugglies and so, so many different pram attachments I just couldn’t list them all here. I have blogged many times about new toys and baby gadgets and we still use and love them all.


So I went along expecting the standard baby teddies, a bit soft, singing lullabies and with nothing significantly different to any other brand. I used to adore Forever Friends when I was in school, it was the go-to Teddy for cool ornaments for your bookshelf, pencil toppers that you would cry all lesson over if you lost them (always in the bottom of the bag) and the teddy that you would give your best friend. I have a firm love of Forever Friends – they are safely tucked in my nostalgia and love for my childhood.

Upon arrival we were treated to a look at the products. They have a full range from budget friendly to higher end larger and more interesting bears.


They have put a lot of research in to the design of these bears and have worked alongside Sarah Ockwell-Smith who specialises is gentle parenting methods and specifically sleep. Besides all of the wonder training she has done, she is a mother of four – the essential bit.

One of the higher end Bears with a great feature.

The products are baby focused. Rather than be pleasing for the parents they have tailored every little detail to baby. So with baby in mind they have have built a simple guild to follow to show you what each item does and what it provides your baby.

The photo above shows the product that I was most taken with. The reason I was was so impressed is because it basically revolutionised my current and future parenting with a few simple details. Firstly the light show is red, orange and yellowy orange – all very warm tones. Every night show I have purchased previously was a blue, purple, green job with tinkly music. This one has Brahams Lullaby and Twinkle Twinkle, but then moves on to a lapping water sound, a nature sounds with insects and birds and another similar one. All very relaxing.

The reason this one is special is that the standard night light shows we have been using for years have been all wrong. Or at least not as helpful as you might think. Sarah Ockwell-Smith explained that blue light, sends messages to our brains that tell us that it’s time to be awake. Where as the red and orange tones we associate with say, a Sunset, activate our brains to send messages that it is time to sleep. It is time to relax.

I have been parenting wrong for years.

The next little bear is a big hit in our house. I have a 17 month old who still loves snuggly teddies, she loves the texture and sound of tinkling chimes inside, it’s a medium build bear and very very snuggly. He has become a firm favourite – The Chime Bear.

FF Cream Chime Bear Image 1


I cannot stress enough how soft this little bear it. Again he comes with the personalisation photo bit.



Check out Golden Bear for more information on the wonderful range, they are due for release on amazon on the 31st of July and you can pre-order now here – My First Forever Friends.


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