Top Treats for Pregnancy

There are a few niggles and typical symptoms that many pregnant people will go through. Aching feet, tired eyes and a lot of waking nights.

Here is a little list of top treats for pregnancy that you can treat a pregnant friend to. (Or get for yourself!)

Eat & Drink

Morning sickness can be a common problem. There are teas, biscuits and sweets packed with ginger that can really help. Gin Gins, from The Ginger People are little chewy ginger packed candies. They have to consistency of caramel and the light blue pack tastes like caramel too! They are individually wrapped so can be very discreet too.

Myrtle & Maude make a very lovely and comforting Organic Tea for Queasy Days. Comprising of Peppermint (35%), Ginger root (25%), Lemon balm (15%) Chamomile (15%), Rose petal (5%), Orange peel (5%) it really is designed to help ease, soothe and relax.  £6 direct from

Making Memories

If you are deep into the world of Instagram, or just really love to capture images as keepsakes, these are for you. The ever popular, Milestone Cards – consisting of pregnancy cards and baby’s first cards these are a fab little gift. £11.99 from


In the early weeks, it might difficult to keep your eyes open, and then all too quickly you can’t sleep well at all. Recently I have been struggling with just that. My eyes are starting to feel weary early evening – even though I know I’m not going to sleep well. I have been using these Optrex Warming Eye Mask the lavender scent is really light and so relaxing. So even if I am not going to sleep, I am feeling rested. £8.99

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow. This pillow can provide support pretty much where every you need it, back, bump, knees, thighs, neck… It is pretty much endless. Due to the shape of it, you can rest between two support points too. It is fabulous and after my last little one was born I used it as a feeding pillow too.

Aches and Pains

Feet deal with quite a lot at the best of times. During pregnancy they have extra wait to contend with, plus maintaining good balance. The swell a little easier, in some cases they get bigger overall. A 20 minute sock pack with soften the skin and help soothe aching muscles. These are available at Superdrug for £1.99 each.

BetterYou, have a magnesium foot bath and salt flake bundle to help boost your energy, improve calcium absorption and of course relax your aching feet. Ideal for a foot soak in front of a movie after a long day. £9.95 direct from

Lavender Microwave Wheat bag for soothing stiff shoulders, lower back, neck and well… pretty much anything you can get it to stay on. Less than two minutes in the microwave and the warmth really helps you relax.

Disclosure: Some items have been sent for the purposes of this Top Treats for Pregnancy post, some links are affiliate. 


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