The Ultimate Guide To An Organised Home Life

People who have an organised home life tend to get so much more done than those who don’t. Some people might not feel the need to be religiously organised. Going with the flow can work for lots of people. However, it doesn’t always work for everyone. If you’re tired of feeling disorganised and not knowing what’s what, this guide will give you a few pointers:

Make Sure Your Family Is On Board

In order for your home life to be organised, your whole family needs to be on board too. The earlier you start teaching everybody to put their own things away and tidy up after themselves, the better your home will look and work in the future. You should start kids off as early on as possible so that they get into the habit of doing it. It can be really hard to make them do it when they get older if you’ve never made them do anything like it before.

Declutter Regularly

Declutter your home regularly to keep everything running smoothly. Some people like to do something each day to make their home more organised. They ask themselves, ‘what can I get rid of today?’. Don’t hoard, and give yourself a small job to do each day. You should find this seriously helps your home to run smoothly.

Have Plenty Of Storage Options

Having plenty of storage options will help you keep things organised. For instance, a washing basket in each room. A basket for shoes by the door. Vertical storage to make the most of your floor space. Even storage built into ottomans and beds. All of these things will help you to keep your home running smoothly.



Have A Designated Place For Everything

Have a designated place for absolutely everything. This will mean there are no crossed wires as to where something should be when anyone in your family is tidying.

Put Up A Notice Board

Put up a noticeboard to keep everybody reminded of appointments and things that they need to be doing. A1 notice boards are perfect for hanging in the kitchen or somewhere everybody will see it.  

Deal With Letters As Soon As You Get Them

Instead of leaving letters to pile up, deal with them as soon as you get them. Either shred them or put them in a paper tray if you need to keep them. Don’t open them and put them down without deciding what you’re doing with it!

Have House Rules

Having basic house rules will make sure everybody is on the same page. For example, no wearing shoes past the kitchen. Everybody tidies up after themselves. Things that you feel will make your home run better. You can even set up reward charts for your children.
Having an organised home life doesn’t need to be difficult. Some are naturally better at it than others, but you can definitely do it with a bit of patience and consistency. Watch how your home life improves when you start doing these things!  


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