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I’ve been a freelancer for a while. Sometimes it is¬†design work, sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it is social media and sometimes it’s photography. I have a ‘tool kit’ that I tend to take to most places with me. It is massively important that they are lightweight and I can pack them in any bag I am using, from a hand bag to a rucksack.
My essentials come down to a good pen, then buy three of the same one because I will certainly lose one. I’ve also been in meetings where someone has needed a spare one.

Notebook, again buy more than one of the same type once you find one that you like. I am a firm fan of a paper covered notebooks, they are light and easy to carry. I tend to pick them in bright colours, I find that helps get my creative juices going. They don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful either.

Folders! I carry a lot of reports, paperwork, samples and so on with me. A good folder, preferably a display style one, so I can find what I am looking for nice and quickly.

Sticky Notes. During a meeting, when items might be noted by priority, I use a different colour to mark them, similarly I will mark projects that require more than one person, a location or time amount with different colours. It’s an easy system and makes my workflow smoother.

Coloured pens and pencils, I absolutely need. When you are designing something it really helps to use to various colours that you are considering to get a feel for the work. I like to draw it up by hand first, then transfer to my computer later on. I also find using coloured pens during brainstorming makes it more interesting.

A good book. I have a much-loved copy of The Art of Was and I highly recommend it. The Works has a lot of great books so you won’t have too much trouble finding something to suit your tastes.


*Prices correct at time of publishing, this post is a collaboration with The Works. 


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