The Fine Art Printing Services in Kent Every Art Student Should Know About

For anyone who takes fine art seriously, quality counts. Whether producing, reproducing or simply viewing a visual masterpiece, the quality of the piece can and often does make all the difference.

Here at Digilab, we’re proud to offer the most advanced and accessible fine art printing services in Kent. We consistently outperform the competition by investing heavily in the latest technology, producing the highest-quality prints in Kent at surprisingly affordable prices.

From students to artists to established vendors, our services are open to anyone who shares our passion for perfection.


A contemporary alternative to traditional darkroom printing, our C-Printing services in Kent bring together the best of all worlds. This computer-controlled process uses state-of-the-art lasers or LEDs to expose the paper, creating immaculate results through a relatively simple and affordable printing method. C-Prints have become the new standard for millions of established photographers and professionals worldwide, along with keen hobbyists looking to present their proudest works. We strongly recommend C-Type photographic printing to anyone looking to access consistently superior results, while keeping costs comparatively low.

Giclee Printing

Digilab is also proud to offer the highest-quality Giclee printing services in Kent for more advanced requirements. Giclee printing is recognised worldwide as the preferred option for the production and reproduction of fine art prints, where compromise simply isn’t an option.

To put things into some kind of perspective, most digital photographs are stored at around 72-DPI resolution. In order to qualify as Giclee, the respective image must be stored and printed at a minimum of 300-DPI – more than four times the quality of a standard image. Hence, special equipment is required to produce genuine Giclee prints, which generally use pigment-based inks instead of dye-based inks to create the best possible results. Our advanced Giclee printing services are used by established and up-and-coming artists in Kent, along with business owners and professionals from across the region.

Our Exclusive Student Discount

For any student looking to deliver the true ‘wow’ factor with their next project, these exceptional printing services come highly recommended.  Stepping up to a higher standard of printing really can make an incredible difference to any fine art piece. If you’re investing heavily in the creation of something beautiful, it simply makes sense to maximise the quality of the final print.

To make things even more accessible, Digilab is proud to offer an exclusive 10% discount on all products and services for students. Simply claim your discount during the checkout process and we’ll knock 10% off your final bill.  And of course, you can also count on the committed support of the Digilab team, should you have any questions on any of the services we offer.

We work exclusively with the most advanced equipment and everyday disposables the market has to offer, in order to deliver consistently superior results at affordable prices. Place your order online in just a few clicks, or contact a member of the team at Digilab in Kent for more information.



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