The Best CBD/Sativa Skincare & Makeup

I have been using CBD/Sativa/Hemp skincare and makeup for some time now. As a person with sensitive skin, it has been hit and miss with many products over the years. However, anything with CBD has never given me a reaction at all. If you aren’t sure about the benefits of CBD for skincare, then check out the linked post. It is a great starting point for some of the biggest benefits of CBD in Skincare. Here are some of the best skincare and makeup items I am currently using.

Key point: There is no way you can get high from CBD or the ingredients in the following products; there is no THC in it. THC is what gets people who use marijuana/weed/bud, whatever you want to call it, high.

I’ve recently been using the Essence High Beauty products, W7 hemp brows, and some other items. I often find that hemp, CBD, and Sativa products have a ‘natural/earthy’ scent to them. I find it quite pleasant. Essence High Beauty has Sativa, W7 Hemp Brows is Hemp, and the lips balms at the bottom are Sativa too.

CBD and Sativa Face Masks

I love a good face mask. I used them weekly, sometimes more. There are many CBD face masks on the market, one of which is on my Wishlist below. I find CBD as an ingredient very calming, I often have red skin due to irritation and blemishes (read as angry acne). I’ve recently run out of a CBD clay mask pouch and I really liked using it, but haven’t ventured out to the store for a replacement yet.

This Essence High Beauty facemask is so cooling. I thought it was too jelly and watery when I first purchased it but actually it’s quite nice. And it’s really pocket friendly. I specifically use this along my jawline when it’s red and angry.

Sativa Face Powder

I don’t wear powder often, because I have dry skin and sometimes it can look cakey. The green in this power works to neutralise the redness in my skin though, so I use this without foundation and other stuff to give a smoother look to my blotchy face.

Sativa Face Primer

A good primer is essential. Not only for helping your foundation look good all day, but it can soothe your skin, and make it look smoother too. I was going take a picture of the primer, but almost on all occasions primer, is primer. This one does have a scent to it, and I find it calming. It’s more creamy than my other primers, and it’s definitely more suited to a light makeup day. In general, it’s really fast to apply and the price is great. I have been testing some other face oils and primers too, but one that I really enjoyed was the Barry M Beauty Elixirs.

CBD, Hemp and Sativa Eye Products

I have a few eye products that I use a lot. In the fridge, at the moment I have CBD under-eye patches. They’re cooling and depuff pretty quickly. I love an under eye mask because my face doesn’t realize it’s awake until two hours after I’ve been up.

Some days I just can’t be bothered to carefully sculpt and colour in my eyebrows. I just can’t. But they are unruly and wild right now because I’ve skipped all brow appointments due to the current COVID climate. However, they need something doing from time to time. This W7 hemp brow gel is actually really lovely. It’s milky looking but dries clear and keeps my barely-there-yet-also-bush-brows in shape all day.

For ages, I wanted the Revolution Beauty cannabis Sativa mascara but I just never got round to it. When I was buying the Essence range, it just made sense to get it. My absolute ride or die mascara is the Essence Princess Lash Sculpted Volume, it’s just insanely good and so cheap. So I gave this mascara a go and two coats are pretty good. These photos were taken in quick succession, and it’s two coats. Is it revolutionary? No, but it does the job. Just don’t get rained on. It won’t hold out.

My bud Louise from Birds and Lillies got me this palette last year for Christmas, and as you can see it’s barely been used. I don’t hate it, I actually love the colours, but because I rarely wear green she’s been on the shelf a lot. My pinky-red complexion doesn’t lend itself to green without a full beat. So when I do it, she gets to come out and play.

Sativa Setting Spray

I have a few setting sprays that are my go-to. The JStar and Morphe strawberry one (I got it ages ago and a going to use it until it’s finished). The W7 Ready Set Glow in gold it smells like watermelon and sunshine – we love her. The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Essence Mist is pricy but so good.

I recently got the High Beauty Essence setting spray too and I’m enjoying using it. I get mildly annoyed because with each spray the bottle pulls in – I hate it. But I can wear a light face or a full face all day and the setting spray really holds it’s own against the rest.

The nest setting spray I buy is probably going to be from this list though: The 8 Best Setting Sprays 2020.

Sativa Lip Products

Unsurprisingly I have the Essence lip balm from this set but it’s in my car because I use it when I’m out a lot. So, no photos. These two products, however, are nice if you like minty lips.

Catrice is not a brand I’d used a lot before moving, I had one lipstick from a blog goodie bag. However, I have so many of their lip products now. This being one of them. It’s cool. It’s gimmicky. But I really enjoy the aesthetic. I actually got the Milani Green Goddess to compare them. Milan has a more attractive component, but they are so close in texture and flavour if you want to save cash – go with Catrice. Also, the pink on the Catrice Hemp and Mint Glow I feel is more natural.

So those are a few bits of CBD skincare and makeup items I am using at the moment.

I REALLY want to try the High CBD Bath Salts by Lord Jones, and the Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum but I’m going to have to save up for those! If you like pocket-friendly products my W7 Skincare review covers a lot of great products.

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