W7 New Skincare Review

So I have recently splurged on a range of skincare and makeup, one of the brands that I haven’t purchased in AGES is W7. And right now I can’t even fathom why.

But no worries, because I decided to buy a chunk of their new skincare range to try out. I will include links to each of the products I purchased, and a bit of the product description and my experience too. Hopefully that should cover everything!

In my routine order (don’t @ me if you don’t approve, it’s chill)


Peachy Clean Makeup Remover and Cleansing Balm – This is now sold out on the W7 site, and honestly I am not surprised at all the price is amazing. Double cleansing in the evening an essential, and this lifts EVERYTHING, smells amazing and super quick. A little goes a long way, and you for sure feel soft and clean after. I paid €4,95 and wish I had picked up two of them (will buy more in my next Boozyshop haul).

Peachy Clean Makeup Remover and Cleansing Balm – UK
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Peachy Clean Makeup Remover and Cleansing Balm

shiny happy skin.

Next up, after your oil cleanser has done much of the heavy lifting in terms of makeup removal and getting the dirt off. It is second cleanse time. I purchased the W7 Blueberry Burst Face Cleansing Gel. It is super light, and not too heavy on lather when you get it working with the water. Rinses off really easy too. I should add I have really sensitive skin and nothing in the range has set off the flaky, itchy or dry patches. I paid €4,95 and it is on the W7 website for £5.95, and yes, it does smell like blueberries. Which I love. Certainly feel clean, but not dry or tight.

Blueberry Burst Face Cleansing Gel
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Blueberry Burst Cleansing Gel

super clean!


Next up is the Green T-Time Toner. I have a lot of issues with toners that are just too harsh for me. So this is always a real trial and error moment for me. The Green T-Time Toner has such a mild scent, and didn’t irritate my face at all. It contains Green Tea (obviously), Cactus Extract* and Oat Extract. Honestly it is great. Again I paid €4,95 and it is £5.95 on the UK W7 site.

*I have been using Freck Cactus Water and am super keen on this as an ingredient.
I don’t have a photo using this, but you can spy the green bottle in the top photo.

Green T-Time! Face Toner
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Green T-Time Toner

I’d like to add that I have a space of between 5-30 minutes between each step, to allow everything to do the job.

Essences & Boosters

Now we move on to essences! I have a range because my skin needs different things on different days. So here is a chunky paragraph. I picked up Moisture Quench Serum, Skin So Bright!, and the Essential Essence Serum. All €4,95, but £6.95 on the UK W7 website.

so cute

Skin So Bright (pink) – Main ingredients are collagen, hyaluronic acid and Arbutin (the last ingredient helps with uneven skin tone and brightens the skin). Smells ever so lightly floral and needs some time to soak in. No tacky feeling.

Skin So Bright! Face Serum
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Skin So Bright Serum

Moisture Quench Serum (blue) – Contains Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid, and Fruit complex. Really smells like blueberries to me, but so lightly you won’t get annoyed even if you aren’t keen on scented products. And it fits with the rest of the products.

Moisture Quench Face Serum
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Moisture Quench Serum

Essential Essence Serum (yellow) – Contains Collagen, hyaluronic acid, Bromelain (pineapple enzyme). Absolutely smells of pineapples. I actually like the scent of this, and of course the ingredients too.

Essential Essence Face Serum
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Essential Essence Serum

So for any essences I try to make sure I have some ingredients that WORK. Hyaluronic acid is a must for me, because I get super dry skin and some times I need a brighten up for a few days. I try to work with my skin here. They all need time to soak in, and you really don’t need a lot for a great layer. I use a cool jade roller to work it all in from this point on. 2-3 drops per usage, means you get a lot of bang for your buck from these.

rolly roll

Hydrating Mask/Oil/Mist

Dew Over! Hydrating Mist is spritzed all over my face now. Why? Because the skin repairs at night I want to give it as much help as possible. In the day I use a mist for a refresh if I don’t have makeup on. This contains Watermelon and Fruit Complex and Hyaluronic Acid, dries in seconds and is a nice boost. Price theme here, I paid €4,95 and it is £5.95 on the UK site. It isn’t essential, but if you don’t already have a routine then this is a nice infusion of moisture during the day.

Dew Over! Hydrating Face Mist
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Dew Over! Refreshing Watermelon Hydro Mist

Moisturiser/ Night Cream

Watermelon Wave Hyrdo-Glow Moisturiser is up next. Usually at night you put a thicker cream on, to lock everything in, but I found this has worked okay. Super light fruity scent, which again matches the whole theme. Includes Watermelon Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E – all skin loving good stuff. It’s light, absorbs really quickly, and you don’t need much. €4,95 for me and £6.95 on the UK W7 site.

Watermelon Wave Hydro-Glow Moisturiser
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Watermelon Wave Hydro Glow Moisturiser

It is the medium pink bottle on the first image.

Lip Care

FINALLY, we are the Strawberry Overnight Lip Mask. I don’t know about you but I get dry lips in no time at all. Drives me nuts so I often use lip treatments. This one is THICK. You’ll only need the smallest amount and it works really quickly. Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Grape Seed Oil. Noticeably worked and smells so nice. €3,48 is what I paid and £5.95 on the UK W7 site.

Sweet Dreams Overnight Lip Mask
Boozyshop W7 Cosmetics Strawberry Overnight Lip Mask

For pretty much a full routine (minus eye cream and a night cream really) it comes in at a grand total of €43,08. But I picked up three essences in that… so really if you pick the one you need the most you can trim that down to €33,18. Which is pounds at the moment is £28.97.

I think ideally I would’ve liked to see an eye cream, night cream and a face mask in here too.

pores, texture, wrinkles – all that good stuff, but soft and glowing too.

My usual routine for the evening would be:

Cleanse with oil
Regular cleanser
Essences // Boosters
Eye cream
Treatments – Serums, Creams, Peels (pores/spots/retinol/exfoliation pad) Never on the same night, and a few days between usage
Hydrating Oils/Masks/Mists – anything lightweight
Moisturiser / Night Cream – night cream is thicker to lock everything in, but something is better than nothing.

Must Have?

The whole range is something that I enjoy using, I love the light scent, and nothing has irritated my skin. If you are time pressed, then the cleanser, toner, hydro mist and the lip mask are going to be ideal. They are quick, effective and really budget friendly.

Also, I find them really aesthetically pleasing.

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