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Something that we knew was important to us was the photographer at the wedding. Giving the photographer a lot to work with really helps. Now-a-days people want more interesting photographs and not just the standard group shots. The decor plays a huge part in this. The colour scheme and the lighting will have an amazing and lasting impact on your photos and they should be something you can look back on for years. The rest of the post will focus on how to get your Pinterest Perfect Wedding.

Very early in my own wedding planning I started to put together some Pinterest boards with everything from tea light holder mason jars, and Mother of the bride outfits to chair sashes and favours.


Tips to get the Pinterest Perfect Wedding

Don’t be scared to get some DIY on the go.

Call in creative friends – this one really paid off for us in terms of invitations and the relaxed vibe of the day

Secondhand isn’t Second best – in fact many people call it vintage now!

Make a Wishlist – sites like amazon have a Wishlist option that will alert you when something goes on sale.

Inject your personality, so the photos and the day reflects you and your partner.

Make notes – from the start make nots on what you need, cross things off as you go.

Don’t be scared to compromise – although it is yours and your partners day, sometimes a little compromise on things goes a long way and you might get an unexpectedly wonderful surprise.

Choose your photographer carefully. There are many photographers out there, but the really good ones have waiting lists and aren’t cheap. Discuss with them what you want.

Your day will go by in a flash, but with good planning you can enjoy it to the fullest.


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  1. Great advice! My wedding was three years ago now but we still have the amazing photos from the day and I loved the ones of the finer details like wedding decor, the dress, flowers, perfume etc. I was lucky to have creative friends to help me DIY with some stationery and our beautiful table seating charts. We got some ideas from Pinterest and then put our own take on it.

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