Personalised Father's Day Gift List #Truprintdads

I have always loved to give gifts that are a little bit more personal, they have taken time and consideration. I don’t mind if you cannot or did not do the same but I want you to have something wonderful. On Father’s day we have two Fathers to buy for. Truprint have a great selection of Father’s Day Gifts.

This isn’t a review at all but rather I am sharing with you guys some of the things that the girls helped me design on the TruPrint website.

Now, we have two men to buy for. Eldest’s Father and the Toddlers Daddy.

I wanted to get something personal for them both, although there is a lot to be said for the many wonderful cards on the highstreet there is nothing like the card of a personalised gift. So I got a few.

Firstly the cards:



I tried to make sure they were different and had a different feel to them so I could tailor them to each dad.

Next up, something I think should be a staple on any ones key fobs:



I decided to use each of their favourite pictures here. These were a really great price and I love the fact they can carry a tiny copy around with them forever (or, until they loose their keys anyway!!)

Next up is another staple item!



I got the mug for Mr Mojo, he loves a big cup of tea when he gets home from work (although I think this might end up in work), and I wanted something that was interesting and cute.I used a selection of up to date pictures and older ones. I tried to pick some memories that are the type we talk about in bed at night while we chat about stuff. Like when we went to Italy, Ivy’s 1st birthday, the dady Lily was super grumpy… The things that make us, us.

The next one follows the same theme. I tried to get all of our favourite memories neatly on one mouse mat. Mr Mojo is at a computer all day at work and so I decided that a mouse mat would be the perfect gift to pep him up mid afternoon!



As a gift for him, ma and the house really I decided to get a set of coasters printed too. I absolutely love them and they really will brighten up the coffee table and I sent a preview to his sister who loved them too!




There is something for almost every budget & you can place orders up until June 15th for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery. You can also get up to £30 off by entering ‘LOVEMYDAD’ at the checkout, read the T&C’s here.

*I was given £50 credit to spend at Truprint in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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