Me, baby and gestational diabetes.

So I took the evil GTT test about 2 weeks ago.

Mr M came along with me, as he can be good like that and we played monopoly on the iPad in the waiting room. He knew I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I really wasn’t.

I knew it was coming. I don’t know how and obviously it sounds like bullshit now but I had a feeling.

So on the day of the test, you have a baseline blood test. The first sample is taken after fasting from the night before. I’m not going to lie I was uncomfortably hungry – that pregnancy hungry you get when you could vomit or fall over at anytime.

Then I got my super tasty glucose mix (Lucozade) which is vile on an empty stomach – with so many pregnant women in the world surely someone would make one that didn’t taste yucky.

30 minutes later I felt high as a kite. I have no idea what happened here, my eyes were spotty and I just kept repeating ‘This isn’t normal’. Probably a mix of being starved to death and then fed a sugar high.

2nd blood test out the way.

Another hour passed and the 3rd one.

All in all it’s not a bad process, it’s just a bit long and you can’t walk around or leave the hospital. I got a call from the GD Midwife, she made it sound as though I might be dying of something very serious.

It went like this…

‘Hello there, this is the GD Midwife. I’m calling to let you know… that your levels were very elevated and we must see you as soon as possible.’

I understand this can have serious implications – I really do, I’m not taking it lightly. But being scared to death of slipping into a sugar coma in the minutes following the phone call I think is a bit much.

So on to my first appointment, the following Tuesday.

I was expecting the midwife to be a little nicer if I am honest. She wasn’t the happy type I am used to. I feel like she was using this as a shock tactic.

She listed the reasons why I have this. She said in my case was because I’m overweight. That I should take this as my wake-up call.

I explained that actually I had already been on a diet and exercise programme since before we found out, and that almost everything on the list of ‘Don’t Eat’ was already cut-out so it should be easy enough to stick to.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter what you used to eat, it matters what you eat now.’

‘Oh I know that but I’m trying to say that I’ve already been taking steps t-…’

‘Fine, well, let us go through the diet anyway. What did you have for breakfast?’

‘Shredded wheat.’

‘Okay, is that what you normally have?’

‘Yep, that or porridge.’

‘That is on the good list, as we can see here. Normally for lunch what do you eat?’

‘Soup and some wholemeal crackers or scrambled eggs.’

‘Right… is that normally what you have?’


‘Okay, well, what we are saying is that you need to cut out as much sugar and carbs as possible. If you have too much you risk things like stillbirth, premature birth, preterm baby death, as well as complicated births for example on occasion we are forced to break the babies shoulder to fit them down the birth canal OR perform an emergency c-section. We don’t want to see bigger babies, they cause more damage vaginally and to themselves. Have you had a baby before?’

She had my notes in front of her.

‘Yes, I’ve had two. One was 9lbs 2 and the other was just over 8lbs – Didn’t even need stitches’ I laughed, I’m proud of that.

‘Right well, normally we’d like to see a baby weigh in about 7lbs as this is a safer weight for them and you.’ She didn’t laugh – I’m not funny with diabetes.

Through the whole thing I smiled, nodded and tried to ignore the sting at the back of my eyes. I know that they need to make sure you stick to your diet but I was trying to tell her I was already on board. There is no way I’d put baby at risk. I love paté, runny yolks and a really rare steak but you won’t find me eating it right now. I love gin too, and you’ll see tea in my cup at the moment – without the added gin. I’ve lost 2 and a bit (bump makes this a bit tricky) dress sizes since I was very first pregnant. That was before we even got the new diet. I’d done it because I already had it in my head that I was doing it and after talking it through with my normal Midwife we had a nice plan. Sticking with this is a little harder because potatoes and white bread sends me sky high (still under the recommended post meal 7.5 I’m allowed).

I won’t eat them again till after the baby is here.

Oh and in case you are interested here were my readings from the GTT.

Baseline 5.3
1 Hour after Lucozade 10.3
2 Hours after 7.3

My normal waking readings are 4.6-5.1 and my 1 hour post meals are 5.3 – 5.9.

On a side note, she called me ‘darlin’ about 40 times.

So I’m on my diet now, and doing fine. I keep being told I look tired and ‘thin in the face’, but that is what happens isn’t it! You lose a bit of size and you all of a sudden look peaky and poorly. Where the hell did my pregnancy glow go?

(It got flushed away with my ability to process sugar and carbs).


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