Making Your Windows a Focal Point

Windows are already fairly beautiful by themselves. Letting all that glorious day light in, keeping your rooms bright and airy. If you’re like me, you probably like to watch the rain race down the windowpane too. However, they are primed and ready to be dressed up!

Making Your Windows a Focal Point

  1. Greenery, small plants. If you haven’t got the time to keep them alive you can get a great choice of fake ones. The green bring some life to the windows, flourish in the light and look very homely.
  2. A positive quote. Often people look out of their windows during a pensive time. If this sounds like you, invest in something that will brighten your mood. Au Contraire Ma Mère has a gorgeous selection of prints.
  3. Great blinds or curtains. VELUX have a beautiful choice of blinds to fit every window, and any room mood you are creating.
  4. Get creative. I have looked recently at things like window art. They are brightly colours stickers, that let in a lot of light but also give you privacy. Something like you might associate with church windows. I fell down the punters rabbit hole a bit on this one – Window Decal Ideas.
  5. Making your windows a focal point when you have smaller windows, no window sills or live in a flat might seem a bit harder, however window boxes that hook on are perfect for this. Hanging plants that sit just to the side of the window can frame them and look really pretty too.


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