Making The Most Of Your Engagement And Having A Blast

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When you get engaged, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and chaos of planning the big day. This is necessary, of course, but there’s the danger you could miss out on another milestone in your life. Making that initial decision and commitment to be with your partner for the rest of your life, should also be celebrated.

It’s also important to take a breath and avoid any undue pressure. How you celebrate your engagement and how you plan your wedding is up to you and the groom. You don’t have to go along with tradition. It’s fine to make your own choices and create your own traditions.


Make this as simple as possible when it comes to planning. Enlist the help of family and members of the wedding party to help you plan. Find experienced suppliers who will make the process as simple as possible for you. This includes everything from browsing a collection of wedding invitation cards to choosing your venue.

Celebrate The Moment

Celebrate your engagement. Make the most of this special time before things become busy and chaotic. Visit family and friends to tell them the happy news. Telling people first hand is so much more personal than social media announcements. Though this is is, of course, fine for your wider circle.

Decide how you would like to celebrate. This could be going for a meal, or several meals, with family and friends. Or, you could throw an engagement party. There are many ways you can go about this. You don’t have to follow traditions and have the bride’s parents host the party. Go with whatever suits you.

Engagement Photo Shoot

Consider having an engagement photo shoot. This will mark the momentous occasion, and it will be something to look back on and cherish for years to come. Many wedding photographers offer this as part of their wedding package. Or, you could ask a trusted friend to do this for you.

Engagement pics tend to be more informal than wedding photos. The setting is often somewhere significant to the couple. It could be a favourite seaside resort, outside a country pub, at home, etc. And the clothing can also be informal. Again, no rules.


Just because you’re engaged shouldn’t change the romantic side of your relationship. Make time for each other as you’ve always done. Set up date nights and enjoy each other’s company. These will be the last few months as single people. Make the most of them.

Include Everyone

Try to include everyone in your celebrations. Elderly relatives may not access social media, and they may not be up for a raucous party. Instead, take the time to visit them so you can share your news with them. Make sure they also feel part of the big event.

Engagements tend to be short periods of time and with all the planning and excitement, they tend to pass quite quickly. Make the most of yours by taking the time to celebrate with the people who matter.


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