Keys, bumps and a rubbish receptionist.


So we are now strolling into our 31st week of carrying a person around in my uterus. It’s not bad. The odd shuffle at the top of the lady tunnel, the bit when you’re lying on your side and a foot/elbow slides forcefully from hip to ribs and the sticks out, the bit were your boobs are leaking and you look like you have a cool owl T-shirt on OR the bit when you try and eat half the house in 4 minutes only to realise you can only really have something small, low carb, low sugar (per 100gs) and that giant cookie you really want is going to have to wait.

This was particularly horrid on Mojo’s 2nd birthday – which just happened. I really wanted to chomp down a slice of birthday cake with her and the rest of the visitors we had. It was, from what I could tell very nice cake!

Looking back there have been some bumps that have really put me off having anymore little people.

  • Book in appointment told no for homebirth, she isn’t comfortable with it I can see straight away. She points out the SPD first and says we can’t be sure that you can force you legs back if you need to. I did with Mojo and I am very sure I would do it again. Let’s face it, it hurts already – what is a bit more hurt?
  • Second appointment told no for midwife suite, go through the HB thing again – they still aren’t keen although they know who delivered Mojo and that is was smooth.
  • Third appointment told the reason no HB or midwife led delivery unit was due to lack of staff. According to her if I had a homebirth I’d be depriving warded birthing mothers of care. And the MWLU only has a few rooms and 2 midwives on the floor at any point and can only be used for smooth pregnancies. Okay no worries, I wasn’t having any issues. So I still say I want HB or something similar. She says that if the birth goes smooth in the hospital I will be unlikely to stay there for more than 8 hours anyway as they don’t have the bed space. Unless it is a night birth in which case I stay the night and will leave first thing in the morning – not so bad. I get to be at home with my girls sooner that way. I can’t help feeling that no matter what happens at this point I will be in hospital.
  •  GTT test, 0.1 or similar over the limit. Diagnosed with gestation diabetes.
  • First clinic wasn’t bad, but I can’t help feeling like maybe I should be there. I feel that no matter what hap happened this time I wouldn’t be birthing how I would find it most enjoyable and comfortable. 
  • The GD midwife telling me that if I should want more children I will need to have a few weeks of tests again, to see that there will be no risk, GTT will be done at the earliest point possible and so on. Call me selfish here, but having to call the doctors to say ‘Hey mate, me and my chap are going to do the nasty and try for a new spawn – cool yeah?’ isn’t my idea of fun. I understand the risks, it isn’t that I am ignorant to it all.

From the very start it was a fight to get what I wanted, one that ultimately I have lost due to the GD. Bastard pancreas. Couldn’t even do your job PAL!

Rolling round in to the last few weeks has been interesting. I called the hospital last week to double check the time of my ANC appointment as although it had been written in the time was a sort of squiggle. Cheers Mr Consultant!

So here is the conversation with ‘rubbish receptionist’.

‘Hello ANC reception.’
‘Hi, I was wondering if you could help me, I have an appointment written in for the 29th but I can’t make out the time on it.’
‘If it doesn’t have a time you didn’t make an appointment.’
‘It has a squiggle I can’t make it out really…’ I laugh you know, as it’s quite funny… I thought so anyway.
‘If there is no appointment, you didn’t come to the desk and make one, you don’t have one.’
‘Can I speak to one of the GD midwives please and see if I can get something sorted out?’
‘No, you’re next appointment is the 27th December..’
‘Yes but if I can book something as it was the consultant that wrote this in the book and we did go to the desk about 5 times with all the different hand sheets for the dietician, scan department and for the next set of appointments.’
‘No, you didn’t or you would have an appointment, your next one is the 27th December we will see you then.’


That my friends was the rubbish receptionist.


We got the letter to tell us we had been shortlisted for a house, we call asap and confirm we want to go ahead with it. Mr takes the day off so we can go and fill in all the forms, hand in all the proofs and documents they need and confirm it as ‘ours’.
So now we are waiting for the keys, which is really quite sad as my mobile has recently died a sad death and I don’t want to go out in case I miss the call and delay it!

It’s a strange feeling knowing you have to move your life out of one house into another one in a matter of days. Just before Christmas too. Which has made things feel very up in the air. I am hoping to have the flooring down and at least the girls rooms done as soon as we can. Following that we need the living room and our room done too!

Time pressures on for the following reasons:

  • Baby on way – depending on size depends on when we will deliver 
  • The grace period isn’t long to get out of this one and in the next one and both men in the house have used/booked all the holidays already so we can only move large stuff after 6pm
  • Christmas is on the way and we have things ordered for delivery which will need to be altered, food ordered…. ergh headache!
This little monster isn’t so little anymore!

 So that is the short version wedged into some words! Have you ever had a huge time crunch like this?! If so feel free to share!


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