Kefir-Quark & Raspberry Morning Oats

Anything nice a quick in the morning is a bit of a lifesaver. By the time everyone is awake and ready for breakfast it is sometimes easier to just pour cereal though. I try to avoid that when I can. Scrambled eggs, pancakes and fruits and oats have my preference for the kids before a long day.

Overnight oats¬†were a significant trend last year, and some of us have clung on to the ease of them. Or maybe it’s just me? I am a pretty early riser, but I like to let the little ladies sleep as long as possible.

Anyway, I roped in my smallest chef to help me prep this little one for her big sister when she gets home from school later on today.


Half a punnet of raspberries (or your favourite berry)
Some honey

Mash the berries with a squirt of honey.

In a cup pour in some oats, try and make each layer even. (Or if you are Ivy, do what you want).

The sweetness comes from the berries and the honey in this desert, the Overnight oats is tangy and really wakes your taste buds up.

Layer it up until you’re happy. You could eat straight away or leave it.

We were sent the kefir-quark to try out. 

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