Ingenuity – Kid II

When your baby is starting to get a bit more mobile, a bit more active and are trying to sit up you’re going to want to have a look at your options for support. Using a few pillows is okay, holding baby on your lap all day is okay too. 

Ingenuity baby base 2-in-1 is a bit more than ‘okay’, it’s actually rather fabulous. We have bouncers, swinging chairs and high chairs but something Ivy doesn’t want to be reclined and she’s just a bit too little to be in a highchair at the moment. I love carrying her around all day but sometimes I need to get things done around the house or work.

Things I love about the Ingenuity baby base 2-in-1:

  • Removable padded insert (which comes in different colours)
  • Storage for the straps at the back
  • The removable tray which fits IN the base (space saving)
  • The higher than usual back
  • The width of the base
This was the first time that Ivy had been sitting up without me wrapped around her or being surrounded by cushions to soften the blow when she inevitably plays ‘baby left or baby right’. I didn’t want to use a chair like this too early as she probably wouldn’t have had the balance or gross motor skill already and wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much as she did. So that is important to consider.
I found that compared to other seats I have used in the past this one was more fitting to the shape of her legs and didn’t have that rubbery/foamy feel.
Something to remember is that this base should either be on the floor or if you use it in a chair use the straps provided to secure it and you shouldn’t leave your baby alone in the chair at any point. 
She doesn’t spend a lot of time in it but the time she does spend she has enjoyed and so have I. It’s been lovely to be able to have her next to me but doing her own thing for a couple of minutes while replying to emails and that sort of thing.
Ivy sucking on an Organix Carrot Stix
The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 (aqua) featured for this review are available from Amazon now along with the rest of their lovely range. 


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