Help For Mums: Essential Advice To Keep Your Child Safe Inside And Outside Your Home

You will be surprised how many things there are around your home that could see your child come into danger. In fact, a high proportion of kids who end up in A&E have had an incident in their home. Over two million children under 15 have an accident in their home every year! Therefore, you need to make sure your home is a safe environment for your kid. Here is some essential advice to keep your child safe inside and outside your home!




Clean up that clutter

When you have a family, it’s so easy for piles of clutter to appear in your home. It might be a few toys or books that suddenly become a danger to your family. After all, if the kids are playing and fall over the clutter, they could really hurt themselves. Therefore, make sure you clean up any clutter before it becomes a dangerous zone. And always tell your child to put the item back in its original home after playing with it! And as well as making it safer, a clean property can feel more homely!


Sort out those cracks in the pathway

You will be surprised how many kids end up injuring themselves on the path outside your home. Whether it’s in your garden, or at the front of the house, time and weather can make cracks appear. It means that it becomes hazardous as your child might fall when walking on it. Or they might even be on their bike and end up falling off due to the cracks in the path. Therefore, it’s so important to get any cracks in the pavement sorted sooner rather than later. You could get someone to come out to your home to fix it, or you could look at getting something similar to Resin Bound Paving for your pathway. That way, you will have a smooth walkway that will keep your kids out of danger!


Don’t run appliances unattended

When we turn on the washing machine or dishwasher, we don’t expect it to become a danger zone for kids. But if you leave it unattended, your kids could easily end up hurting themselves. For example, they might open the door and injure themselves on items that are inside. Or they might start playing around with the cord and get an electrical shock. Therefore, always keep an eye on appliances and turn them off once you have finished using them!


Put all dangerous garden items in a safe place

Your child will love playing outside in your garden. After all, there’s so much to look at, and it’s perfect for them to get some fresh air. But there are some dangers that you need to be aware of. For one thing, if you or your partner have been using the mower, it needs to be put away in a safe place. Otherwise, your kid might turn it on by mistake. Also, any saws and hedge cutters need to be put away in the shed before your child play outside!
Make sure you get corner protectors for sharp objects in your home. That way, if your kid knocks into it while playing, they will not harm themselves!


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