Expressing Colostrum & a letter to my boobies.

I mentioned a few times on twitter and in a previous post that we have been working on expressing colostrum before baby arrives. 

The deal is that three times a day I makes sure to hand express or gently pump and store the golden gift in little syringes. It’s dealers choice but it is worth bearing in mind that with a pump these tiny droplets will get lost in the contraption, so hand to boob might be the best option.

We are now 38+ and we started at week 37.

I started off with hand expression – for what it was worth. They leak when I am not watching them! Never the less I have continued to tug at my breasts for the glimmer of gold that, as I have been told, could enable us to go home sooner. Not only that if for any reason I am unable to feed within 30 minutes they have something to feed her should she have low sugars and need help. Both real reasons to make the ‘breast’ of a bad situation!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to squeeze blood from a stone, but I can tell you some days that is how it feels. My breasts were already tender, they usually are during pregnancy but at the end that always spikes up massively – just getting ready for their job but now they feel like the might be grumpy.

I have had to calm down on the hand to boobs, through a misture of frustration and probably over stimulation they are not in the mood to be handled.

However I have found a solution for my evenings. Dr. Brown’s did a tweet out looking for testers to fill in a Q&A which has turned out to be a boob saviour.

Each evening I place my very hurt boobs into the cool, stretchy breastcup and slowly build up the pumping action. It might be because it feels more natural, or that it is evening and I feel a bit more relaxed but I find that pump the most relaxing of the day – even if nothing comes out of it.

I am hoping that the closer we get to that nasty hospital induction, the more ready baby and boobies will become and post birth I will be continuing to use Dr. Brown’s breastpump in days of excess and if needed to help increase my supply if Baby doesn’t feel like feeding.


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