Club Chic Dolls

We were kindly sent a set of  BEAUTIFUL Club Chic Dolls from Vivid Toys and Games. They all have names and ‘themes’ or personalities and if you head over to the website you can do a fun little quiz to see which doll matches your interests. Unsurprisingly I was Pippa or Violet each time. If you are looking for a great stocking filler these little dolls with their bear-y nice features totally make the grade. If you are looking to get the whole set they are well priced, come with cute accessories and you can swap the outfits around too!

 My girls had a great time with the dolls and if you click below I show you each one, a little bit about them and which ones I loved the most!

These lovely ladies are purchasable from Smyth’s for £12.49. 


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