Berry boost smoothie.

Rough night feed? Feeling a little less than perky? Try my 5 minute fruity boost.

You’ll need a mixer of some kind. Smoothie makes, food processor or a hand blender should do just fine.

  • Sainsbury’s red berry mix (£1.30)
  • Sainsbury’s Greek Style Natural Yogurt (£1.10)
  • Sainsbury’s Honey, Basics (99p)
  • Sainsbury’s British Semi Skimmed Milk (4 pint £1)

My littlest one is now 4 months old, that is four months of awkward sleeping times, night feeds, unsettled night and a mother riding high on post birth hormones. All this leads to a less than ideal morning. Rather than guzzle coffee (which is no good if you’re breastfeeding) and shove toast in my face I take a few minutes to make a smoothie. The reason I use greek style or greek yoghurt is because it is a little heavier than natural yoghurt so is a bit more substantial
So, for two children and me is half a bag of the frozen fruit as we like it fruity. You can defrost the fruit if you like, but I like it to be cold with minimal effort. I use the whole tub of yoghurt as it’s also breakfast for me and a side to the girls eggs, two big table spoons of honey. The natural sweetness is really delicate and more subtle than putting in sugar. A little splash of milk loosens the mixture up enough to pour into a big glass. 

How to?

Pop in fruit and wizz (technical term) a bit.
Plop in a few big dollops of the yoghurt (not it all) and wizz a bit more.
Check for thickness and flavour, some berries are sweeter than others.
Taste it.
If too thick put in a little milk, if too sour add a little honey.
Top up with last bit of yoghurt.

Super quick, filling and tasty. A great alternative to coffee and toast in those early weeks. 

Make a little extra and pop in the freezer for a tasty fro-yo.
Berries are a breastfeeding super food as it is packed with vit C, vit A and many more of the goodies your baby needs. Throw in the yogurt and you’ve got a healthy dose of calcium and protein too. 


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