Zoflora – Review & Competition link.

When I got the opportunity to test out the Limited Edition ‘Twilight Garden’ Zoflora – you best believe I’m jumping at that. I adore Zoflora.

Okay, so having a good look at the box as I always do.

1st picture you can see the list of fragrances that you can expect from this. I will say that I am not a Peach lover – luckily that is not the smell that lingers for a few days after cleaning, the winner is actually a light Jasmine. Which is really bloody delightful. There is also a list of precautions, most of which are pretty standard. Don’t pour it in your eyes, on wood or indeed take a swig – those are no-no’s.

2nd picture is the ‘How To Use’, normally I just pour some in a bucket and hope for the best, this time I followed the instructions down to a T. A capful is enough to make 400ml, I was a bit concerned with the fragrance being too diluted, but I was wrong. My bad. Smells lovely and the cleaning power is still super.

3rd picture – The front, what more can I say other than – it tells you what it does and looks a bit pretty on the top.

‘Where to Use’ So Mr. M tackled the kitchen floor, kitchen tiles (after he cooked a spitting fat fry-up) and the sink. I did the front door. I’d been meaning to do it for a while, it was time and it was going to be a test for the cleaner due to the weather we’ve had and having a street full of dust ruffling builders I current have.

We have two kitties and two kiddies, so anything quick is perfect. This is quick. I quizzed Mr. M after he’d tackled the kitchen.

What did you think of the product?
Are you serious right now? Is this going on the blog? This bit? No pictures, these aren’t my nice shorts.  Seriously though, I like it, I hate having to swap and use 12 different surface cleaners, cloth wipes, sprays, air fresheners and having a headache from all the different ‘scents’. This one makes my life easier – anything that does that is my friend.

What do you think of the smell?
 *Sniffs air* I like it, it isn’t one of those fruity chemical smells, it’s more like a smelly candle. Plus I also can’t smell that we have cats or children right at the moment – which is always a bonus.

Would you recommend this product to other people?
What? Why are you talking like that? Okay, yeah if someone from work said to me – hey I really need a good cleaner than I would say hey try Zoflora. They do different scents? Yeah, I prefer this one.

Final question, would you use this product in the future?
Yeah. I like the smell, it cut through the grease on the tiles at the back of the hobs and the floor is clean and it didn’t take long to get it all done so now I can go and watch my weekend programmes. Right? No? What…. ?

Okay, so Mr. M was interviewed and I think gave decent answers for a man under cleaning pressure.

She was NOT made to clean – on this occasion.

How did I get on outside with the door?

It doesn’t give ‘Door’ as a ‘Where to Use’ example so perhaps you’d think it wouldn’t really work all that well? Actually, it was super! I got a scrubbing brush, elbow grease and got stuck in to my disgusting grime ridden door. I  dilute in to a spray so I could give it power burst in the windowed corners of the door, it work really well. One final rinse at the end revealed a clean door. Happy Me.

So all-in-all my house smells of a nice Jamine/Apple and not peach, stuff is clean, Mr. M found a cleaner that does everything in one bottle and my door is the door of a Twilight Princess and smells divine.

Would we recommend it? 

And something a little bit extra –

Zoflora’s got a great competition running at the moment on Facebook, looking for the Garden of the Year! Simply submit a photo of a garden you love, for a chance to win.  www.facebook.com/lovezoflora

We were sent Zoflora Limited Edition Twilight Garden to review. 
No men where harmed in the making of this blog post.


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