You know you're officially old when…

Suburban Mum

This guest post was written by the very talented Maria from Suburban Mum, I can, in fact, reveal that I do many of the items on this list and I’m only 29(!). The one thing I haven’t let go of yet is the copious amounts of alcohol…

You know you’re officially old when…

  1. You download Snapchat in a bid to keep up with the times but have no idea how to use it
  2. You suddenly find yourself listening to Radio 2
  3. You look on in horror when you see girls on a night out with no coat and wonder how they don’t catch their deaths
  4. You start sounding like your mum with phrases like “because I said so” and “if the wind changes your face will stay like that”
  5. You get a little scared when you’re out when it’s dark even though it’s only 8pm
  6. The thought of clean bed sheets excites you
  7. A cordless Dyson was one of the best gifts you’ve ever received
  8. Friday nights are now all about getting takeaway and watching a movie
  9. You can’t remember when you last wore a pair of heels
  10. And when you do wear heels you have some flats in your bag to swap into later on in the evening
  11. When you are “out out” in a bar everyone looks 10 years younger than you
  12. You have no idea what the names of the bands/artists in the Top 10 chart are
  13. You get a stiff when you’ve sat down for too long and it takes a while to get out of your seat
  14. You wake early for no reason – and get up
  15. Your knee joints randomly start clicking when you are walking down the stairs
  16. You don’t understand the language the “youth” of today uses
  17. And have been known to Google slang in an attempt to work out what has been said
  18. You no longer get addressed as “Miss” or “young lady”
  19. You’ve started seriously thinking about taking naps during the day
  20. You worry about sun damage and always make sure you use sun cream whenever there is hint of any sun
  21. You’ve swapped copious amount of alcohol for tea or coffee
  22. You forget how old you actually are when asked you age

Can you relate to any of these?

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2 thoughts on “You know you're officially old when…

  1. 1- I have snapchat but no idea what to do next…
    2- Radio 2 is now added onto my car radio saves and yes I listen…
    3- I carried a coat around for the whole of the Races this weekend incase I got cold.
    4- Because I said so is a well used phrase in my house these days.
    5- Out in the dark can be scary yep
    6- mmm fresh linen!
    7- Havent got a cordless hoover but the idea makes me feel like going on amazon…
    8- I work friday nights but when I get home its take away and the box
    9- What are heels?
    10-Oh the things with a heel… yeh they are saved in my wardrobe for stupid occasions which I kick them off the moment my feet are hidden underneath a table…
    11- Out out… I dont get out lol
    12- Top 10 haven’t got a clue!
    13- LOL yes sit down too long and I can barely get up
    14- I wake early for a reason, the kids moaning at me to get up. Getting up without a reason… pffff no way!
    15- clicking joints but not just in my knees… all over!
    16- the youth of today speak another language, its random crap to annoy us
    17- I have googled the term ‘redders’… it means hot apparently!
    18- Miss or Young Lady labels disapeered loooong ago.
    19- day time naps are a thing already
    20- factor 50 all the way
    21- I now have a Tassimo machine and my hubby nicknames me the Tassiho… need I say more?
    22- 30 something… hmm 2, 3? god which one?

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