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There is something so lovely about getting a letter. I have said often, how lovely it is to receive a letter – without truly thinking to myself that I should WRITE a letter. So, I decided to sit down and write one to my Nana. I wrote it in the morning and by the afternoon everything I had written in the letter had been shared in a phone call and something I had mentioned I was hoping for (nursery position) had been declined- sadly.

 So now I am writing another letter and trying desperately NOT to tell her what is in the letter. I have decided that I will put in some photographs. Because you CANNOT share those over the phone, and although my Granda uses the internet a lot, my Nana doesn’t.

 Then I thought about what my Nana does when she sends us notes. She puts on stickers, she doesn’t send a big long letter, it’s small updates. They always smell of her. Always. She smokes menthol cigarettes and has used the same perfumes for years. When I open a note I am sitting in her kitchen, aged 18, talking about my uni friends, drinking tea and smelling the sea air.

You don’t get that from a phone call.

So, today, whatever day you are reading this. Find a nice pen, find some paper and write something to someone who means something to you.

It will mean something to them. 




For the stationery lovers – pen from picture: Sheaffer 100 Purple Glossy Pattern Design Ballpoint. – Gifted but not for review purpose.


2 thoughts on “Write a Letter – Wonderful Weekends

  1. I love receiving letters and have had penpals on and off since I was about 9 or 10 years old. It is a joy to come home and find someone has spent time and sent me a lovely message.
    I also hope that the same happens for the letters that I send too. Spreading the happiness.

    1. It really is lovely to get a letter, I really enjoyed writing one but every time I wrote one my Nana called and I had to hold back information! It was so funny. The thought that goes into a letter is wonderful though 🙂 xx Thank you for stopping by. xx

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