Why You Should Go Paperless

I’ve worked from home for a long time now, something we’ve done with everything from bank statements to portfolio work is going as paperless as possible. There are a few great reasons why this is total possible and why you should go paperless too.

  1. Cloud! Cloud space means that you can access anything, anywhere, anytime. That is a big deal for me, if I have finished up a clients work and head to a meeting, I can pop open a computer and show them everything that has been done on a project to that point. Pop it in a Powerpoint deck, share it, and they have it too. It’s simple and easy.
  2. It’s greener – this one goes without saying, right? Stop printing out things, you probably don’t need and save a few trees. One simple step to reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Speed. Have you ever searched through a big file for a particular sentence? It’s a nightmare. A simple cmd & f or ctrl & f and you can find the information you need in seconds. I can email a file in seconds but by post I’m looking at a day or two.
  4. Workflow.  Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Adobe have collaborate options to create a beautiful work flow when working from a distance. Note can be added, corrections are quicker and adding addition information takes much less time digitally than adding it to a hardcopy.
  5. Security. Digital files are more secure, you can password protect, encrypt and saved in multiple locations.

Getting paperless to work for you isn’t difficult with a few quick steps.

  1. Make sure you are diligent with passwords and protection.
  2. Inform your clients you are paperless, encourage no printing of files you have sent unless they are for a specific reason.
  3. Look into digital storage options – Clouds, HDDs, Dropbox and so on.
  4. Check our companies who specialise in going paperless like www.idbs.com

*collaborative post.


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