When to Approach Family Solicitors with a Divorce

Everyone wants to have that fairy tale relationship after marriage, but sadly not all of us manage this and a few hopeful starts unfortunately end in the occasional messy divorce. Complications are to be expected in divorces as there can often be assets like finances, property or children involved as well.

That’s where a family lawyer comes in. They can take even the most complicated marriage and turn it into something that benefits everyone involved.

Why you may require legal aid

Most of the time you won’t need to seek out representation as most divorces end amicably. But, if you think you’re in one that might get a little complicated but you’re unsure, here are a few things it covers that might apply to you.

To begin, if you have a mortgage, additional homes or a car that’s signed in both your names then there can be conflict over who has the rights to the property. The same applies to finances, if there are joint savings accounts it can be hard to figure out how to share out the money so everyone their fair share.

Finally, if children are involved there can be some difficulty in deciding who they stay with. Most couples decide on a joint agreement where they get dual custody with visitation rights.

Although, in rare cases, one parent can gain exclusivity with a restraining order limiting the other parent’s availability to see their offspring, but this is normally only used in the most dire of circumstances. Such as when the child’s welfare is at risk from either poor living conditions or an abusive guardian that may harm them.

There’s a final stopgap where the child can be put into protective services until an agreement on the divorce is settled, but again this is something that only tends to happen in the absolute worst-case scenarios.

How to apply

Applying for divorce is not a pleasant prospect, but the process is simple. All that’s required is to contact your solicitor with your marriage certificate and your passport or a driving licence to get the ball rolling. The time it takes to properly file for divorce can vary, but your lawyer should be able to explain to you what thenext steps are and the general length of the whole thing.

Tips for divorcees

Don’t let the prospect of divorce put you down, these things tend to happen for a reason and there are plenty of ways for you to protect yourself from a vindictive partner that might drag out lengthy court times.

The biggest thing you can do is to sign a prenup before the marriage. This is a legal agreement that adheres you and your partner to strict guidelines should you two unfortunately split. This ensures that all parties avoid potential future arguments over assets or children that enter the relationship.

Hopefully some of this has helped in answering a few questions you may have had about divorce proceedings.


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