Whats on the menu in Lucca? Testaroli.

While I was in Lucca we stopped at a little restaurant (all 16 of us) and began to order. I’m not a huge meat eater so I opted for some grilled vegetables with cheese. The waited said hey don’t eat that, try this! You’ll love it. If you don’t I will pay for your entire meal.

Who am I to argue.

So I forgot what he said it was called and sat feeding Ivy waiting for my noms.

Muslin blocking the harsh midday sun!

Yes, it was lunch time all round.

So my dish arrived. It looked very simple but the smell was amazing.

It was Testaroli. The lovely waiter goes on to say that it isn’t a popular dish in the rest of the world like lasagne or spaghetti but that it was a local (regional I think) dish.

So this very simple dish only has a few ingredients.

To make the Testaroli: 1 1/2 cup durum flour, 1 1/2 cups semolina flour few teaspoons of salt (tops 4 or 5) and 4 cups of water.
Pop all that in a bowl and you have http://nygoodhealth.com/product/avana/ your pasta batter.

Just like you would a pancake put a little oil in the bottom of your frying pan, put one ladle full in (thin layer) and leave to cook for one minute or so. Make a little pile until you run out of batter. Once they are a little cooler cut into diamonds/ triangles.

 Boil a pan of water with a touch of salt in. Once boiling put the Testaroli shapes in the pan just a maximum of 20 seconds. Then take out and drain. Do this in batches or you may end up with a very stick pile of goop.

Pop the shapes on a big serving plate, drizzle with oil, top with a huge handful of chopped basil and grate over a lot fresh Parmesan. (pepper & other herbs can be added if you like!)

This dish is super simple, and very light. Something that will work great for light bites in the summer.

* On our menu is was noted as Testaroli but I’ve since heard it called Testarolo too! 


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