What Is Dental Tourism And Why Are So Many Brits Opting For Dental Implants And Other Procedures Abroad?

Dental implants can restore your smile and improve your quality of life if you have lost one or multiple teeth. Not only can the high-quality prosthesis last you the rest of your life, but it does so without any restrictions whatsoever.

That said, implant procedures in the UK are expensive and more often than not, your health insurance might only offer partial coverage.

The solution for many people is to opt for dental implants abroad. What’s not to like about the idea? You can look forward to a new set of teeth and a dream vacation to boot.

But before you hurry to book your flights and dental appointments, do plenty of research beforehand. The last thing you want is cheap and inferior quality dental implants fitted.

Why are dental implants abroad cheaper?

You might find that dental implants overseas are a fraction of the price compared to the UK, but do not assume that the reasons are because of substandard work, average skills, cheap tools or outdated technology. Some people even find that the level of service and care is better than what they might experience at home.

The costs of living in places such as Spain, Poland or Hungary are lower, which means that the cost of services, such as dental work, align with local wages. You will also find that property prices are more economical too, which means dental practices abroad will have to account for cheaper overheads to keep their clinics running smoothly.

What are the steps to finding a dentist in another country?

Shop around before making a final decision. Compare quotes and see which practice suits your budget – just remember that settling for the cheapest package is probably not in your best interest.

If possible, your local dentist should send dental X-rays and a full assessment to your prospective dentist before you hop onto a plane. In that way, they can examine the condition of your mouth, and draw their own conclusions as to whether implants are suitable for your needs.

How you can prepare

  • Take a partner or a companion with you on your trip

Taking the trip solo is unwise, especially if there are complications and you need to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

  • Purchase insurance

Protect yourself against malpractice and have the funds to sue should the results your treatment be substandard or downright disastrous.

  • Give yourself time to recover

You will need more than a day or two to heal from a major dental procedure. Flying in pain is the last thing you want. Aside from saving money, the point of dental tourism is to travel and see new countries. Being cooped up indoors after your treatment, before heading straight to the airport is no one’s idea of a restful vacation.

  • Plan ahead for the unexpected (and unexpected costs)

No matter how good a job your dentist does, complications do arise. Typically, these issues can be seen to, but can you cover the additional costs? Otherwise, does your medical insurance cover procedures abroad?

Opting for dental procedures abroad can leave you with a dream smile that will not cost you a fortune. But prepare in advance – do your homework, you do not want to be left with botched dental work that is expensive to fix.

Featured image: Photo by Alex on Unsplash


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