Week 1 Home Schooling

So I knew it wasn’t going to be all rainbows and sunshine… I was wrong, it’s pretty amazing actually. We still get up early, like we are almost programmed to do, and now our day goes something like this…

• breakfast
• 45 minutes free style writing of numbers and letters any colour you like
• Math, Word books for about 2 hours
• break time 🙂
• afternoons consist of P.E, Art, Cooking or history for 90 minutes.
• Finish the day with a free slot, Eldest chooses what she’d like to do.

All in all it’s fun, light, but she has already made an improvement with her sequencing and the speed in which she does things.
We also had letter confirmation from the school she is no longer registered there, which was a relief after 3 phone calls everyday from them.

So far so good, we also did a bit of supermarket math ( counting items, guessing the total ).

Tonight we have football.

We are 100% sure it was the right choice for all of us, no matter that we have had some shocked looks.. ‘oh my god, that’s just… Really at home? Well just until you find another school right?’ . Well maybe, maybe not, if Eldest says ‘mother I just love school and you must take me back right now’ , then sure. Until then we are Homeward Bound and happy.


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