We Moved to The Netherlands!

So somewhere in December last year, we made the decision, over a cappuccino – to move to The Netherlands. My husband is Dutch, so it made sense that if we were going to move, it would be here.

We toyed with other places, but ultimately The Netherlands made sense on all fronts.

We got on the plane on the 5th of May and started ‘life’ again from the 6th. The girls went to school for this first day, we swapped our numbers and life carried on.

I didn’t drive for the first week, I’m a relatively new driver, and people had told me many times it was difficult to drive in other EU countries. But, after following my sister-in-law a few times, to get the hang of the 20/25 minute drive – I went out on my own. Now, I can’t picture driving on the other side of the road or sitting on the opposite side in the car – which is strange.

How quickly things become your new ‘normal’.

The girls are learning Dutch at a rapid rate, and we are due to move to the first house we will own soon – so I am looking forward to getting Dutch lessons myself. That said, I can understand so much more than I can speak. Pronunciation comes with time – which I have plenty of.

As a freelancer, I recently registered with the KVK, meaning I am now a legal business person here. I think doing something like that, cements you in a place.

We have a great routine right now, although the school the girls attend finishes at 2.15 – and that really cuts into your day, I find myself working late into the evenings – which is both peaceful and great for ‘me’ time.

So after 8 weeks, of living life as usual here, it’s been immersive and busy. But I wouldn’t swap it, not for all the cheese in Holland.


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